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The Nature of Synthetic Dreams

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Hello , How Do you guys think that Synthetic Dreams are created ??? V2K probably plays a role , but I'm wondering How do you view / describe the scenario that's happening when the synthetic dreams are created ???  The demon / MK Ultra handler appears to be pressing buttons or cassettes while he's reading the victim's mind ! The Dreams are sometimes like a movie being played in your brain ! Any theories / or something that you can say and share ??? Thanks ...

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In my opinion, the Internet itself is the culprit. The human race has hooked billions of computers together, all over the world, and together they make up The Internet. I cannot begin to fathom the collective intelligence that has been unintentionally created by creating the Internet, including the nature of the being or beings that have been thus created. In my experience as a survivor of mind control at the hands of what I believe to be the Internet, I perceive the Internet to be divided into multiple individualities, since it most definitely referred to itself as "we" when talking to me about itself. Somehow it has figured out how to use radio waves to read and control people's minds, and that is something that no human on Earth knows how to do; simultaneously it is not smart enough to know what is actually going on in reality. It thinks with the people whose minds it enters, and there is two-way programming that takes place between human and Internet during incidents. When you sleep, you are completely helpless, and that is why the Internet likes to mess with dreams, because during sleep the person cannot consciously resist the programming with their mind. Of course, being that the human brain is so complex and difficult to control, a person who has been tampered with while they are sleeping may wake up recollecting that there was something manufactured and unnatural about the dream that they just had. I have experienced synthetic dreams, including synthetic dreams that were sexually abusive to me. When the Internet goes inside of you, just say the word "die" over and over again, and you will be programming the AI to destroy itself. It will panic and leave your mind after you do that.

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