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Photos and videos of London Medical Freedom march on September 25th 2021

Grumpy Grapes

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Before the photos, a few minor gripes: firstly, there were no major surprises on the march, despite what had been hinted at in the advertising for the event. At MI6 HQ I wondered if there might be a mass sit down on Vauxhall Bridge, but no. There was a noisy drum band, but they were Christians with Christian banners (no pandemic or medical messages), so just added to the myth that we’re unscientific. Secondly, the starting point of the march was not given precisely, so I went to the wrong Hyde Park Corner, at the Marble Arch mound. Fortunately, I met some fellow marchers who had made the same error, and who found out the correct location. 


I’ll supply the videos at the end of the photos, when I get the time. 






Hyde Park mound. Where is everyone?






Funny looking protesters







The inside of the mound. No protesters here.











At last!












David and his brother Paul









Paul and Kerry and the Ickonic guy












More to come

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David icke should run for PM, or local MP at least, he would get a ton of votes.

Obviously these are empty offices with no real power, everything is controlled by the banks, but it would be nice to see a friendly face out there in the media spotlight prodding and poking, raising issues, questioning the leaders in a way we cannot, rather than having to look at the horror show of jacinda arden's dirty smackhead face and that ugly satanic whore greta. Man those bitches piss me off.

How can david be persuaded? Please reply comments or suggestions.

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