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Deca`s Neuroweapons/Electronic Harassment & Mind Control Research thread


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Mind control goes global with China's Neurostrike programme and the race for brain warfare supremacy

https://www.sps-aviation.com/experts-speak/?id=740&h=Brain-Warfare#:~:text=Neurostrike is a military term,and cloud normal cognitive functions



In 2012, Russia announced development of the Zombie Gun (psychotropic weapon) for mind control. America’s Forbes magazine had then said that this concept is not new and that for some time now military technologists have been working on weapons to incapacitate the enemy by attacking the central nervous system or damaging internal organs.

The idea to reduce humans to animals/machines using mind control originated in Tavistock (British Intelligence research facility) in 1921 and later was developed in Germany - mainly in Nazi concentration camp at Dachau. However, in the 20th century agencies like the CIA began advanced research to promote a ‘New World Order’.


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Right, so all you people are still thinking they are using crude, raw, high-power microwaves to attack you. I will wait for you to do these tests and video them. When you don`t capture it, maybe then you realise its weak, complex signals



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To successfully jam you would need to know what kind of signal you were jamming. If you knew that, then it would be better to record it and use it as evidence. Willy-nilly trying jam frequencies is likely to get you into serious trouble


No photo description available.

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