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Deca`s Neuroweapons/Electronic Harassment & Mind Control Research thread


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Statement: China is “the largest developer of neuro-strike weapons, weapons engineered to change the brain activity of military commanders and segments of the population.”




The weapons are designed or adapted to affect the central and peripheral nervous system, said James Giordano, a Georgetown University Medical Center neurology and biochemistry professor and executive director of the Institute for Biodefense Research, a federally funded think tank.

They "represent a clear and present reality in the current and future armamentarium of a number of nations," Giordano said, adding that China "has dedicated programs in the brain sciences that are directly applicable, and intended for national security, intelligence and defense applications."


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On 11/2/2023 at 10:50 PM, Deca said:


Speaking of Morgellons and the suffers out there, basically a rehash of the classic Invasion of The Body Snatchers (Donald Sutherland ver, 1978)


Getting too much sleep these days?, Morgellons?, then this movie is for you 🫵

Annihilation 2018




Feel like the Earth is a bit pissed off, NO PROBLEM, LET NATURE RECLAIM YOU AND BE (d)ONE WITH IT ALL, :classic_blink:




There is a serious side to all of this that needs to be taken into account and the awareness of it is essential to keep pace with what the silentists, wef idiots and others with their 'injectables' are trying to do, a film like the above should really get the message home of just where they are trying to take Mankind without consent with respect to genetic engineering, i don't see it as delusional thinking at all.


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Scientists Are Researching a Device That Can Induce Lucid Dreams on Demand




These so-called “lucid dreams” can be extremely meaningful and transformative moments for the roughly half of adults who report having them at least once in their lifetime. That’s why a new tech startup, Prophetic, aims to bring lucid dreams to a much wider audience by developing a wearable device designed to spark the experience when desired.


Prophetic is the brainchild of Eric Wollberg, its chief executive officer, and Wesley Louis Berry III, its chief technology officer. The pair co-founded the company earlier this year with the goal of combining technologies, such as ultrasound and machine learning models, “to detect when dreamers are in REM to induce and stabilize lucid dreams” with a device called the Halo according to the company’s website

“It's an extraordinary thing to become aware in your own mind and in your own dreams; it's a surreal and spiritual-esque experience,” said Wollberg, who has had lucid dreams since he was 12, in a call with Motherboard. “Recreationally, it's the ultimate VR experience. You can fly, you can make a building rise out of the ground, you can talk to dream characters, and you can explore.”  

“The list of benefits of lucid dreaming is long,” noted Berry in the same call. “There’s everything from helping with PTSD, reducing anxiety, and improving mood, confidence, motor skills, and creativity. The benefits are really outstanding.”



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if you are a TI you need to have at least a basic understanding of mind control (trauma-based) and brainwashing

Again, v2k done via modified RADAR and is used instead of helmets with speakers on playing looped messages used in mkultra Psychic driving experiment's 




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