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Deca`s Neuroweapons/Electronic Harassment & Mind Control Research thread


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The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) is embarking on a three-year ‘Transition Phase' programme designed to support the development and delivery of directed energy weapon (DEW) systems tothe UK armed forces over the next five to 10 years.

In a briefing note promulgated on 1 September industry has been asked to help shape the UK DEW procurement strategy by providing early input to guide planning and policy. At this stage, the MoD is leaning towards a framework arrangement that would allow it to leverage expertise from a wide range of suppliers across all tiers of the supply chain.


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Broadly, two types of weapons are used in cognitive warfare and both aim at manipulating the cognitive capabilities (neuro-system) of targets. First, microwave or energy-based weapons known as NeuroStrike or neuro-cognitive disruptors are reported to be very effective if used within 3,000 meters. If attacked repeatedly, they can impair the cognitive capabilities of targets permanently. This method can be used during military operations and important diplomatic meetings to confuse the targets and destroy their capability to make correct decisions. These weapons were used against the US diplomats in Havana and China used them against protestors in Hong Kong in 2019. Reports in the media also suggest that these were used by the Chinese police stations abroad to target those opposing Chinese viewpoints.


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