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Deca`s Neuroweapons/Electronic Harassment & Mind Control Research thread


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Prof Nita Farahany wears a mental stimulator at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, in February.



Private thoughts may not be private for much longer, heralding a nightmarish world where political views, thoughts, stray obsessions and feelings could be interrogated and punished all thanks to advances in neurotechnology.

Or at least that is what one of the world’s leading brain scientists believes.

In a new book, The Battle for Your Brain, Duke University bioscience professor Nita Farahany argues that such intrusions into the human mind by technology are so close that a public discussion is long overdue and lawmakers should immediately establish brain protections as it would for any other area of personal liberty.

Advances in hacking and tracking thoughts, with Orwellian fears of mind control running just below the surface, is the subject of Farahany’s scholarship alongside urgent calls for legislative guarantees to thought privacy, including freedoms from “cognitive fingerprinting”, that lie within an area of ethics broadly termed “cognitive liberty”.


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The video discusses the FCC's monitoring stations that are used for tracking and locating radio signals. These monitoring stations are located in remote areas with good ground conductivity and minimal electromagnetic activity. The video specifically looks at several monitoring stations across the United States, such as the Allegan monitoring station in Michigan, which was initially built during World War II to detect and locate radio transmitters involved in suspected espionage activities. Other monitoring stations mentioned include those located in Belfast, Maine; Canandaigua, New York; McNeil, Arizona; Ferndale, Washington; Grand Island, Nebraska; and Kingsville, Texas. Many of these monitoring stations feature a circularly disposed antenna array, such as the famous Vollenweber antenna, which is capable of determining the direction of an incoming signal within 6 degrees on any frequency from 300 kilohertz to 40 megahertz. The video also notes that some of these monitoring stations have been closed, while others have been repurposed for different kinds of antenna systems.



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The lecture discusses the potential harmful effects of radio frequency radiation and 5G technology on human health, particularly in terms of various cancers, impaired reproduction, electro-hypersensitivity, and behavioral problems. It highlights that exposure to radio frequency radiation comes from wireless devices, such as smart meters, smart appliances, Wi-Fi, cell phone antennas, and nearby neighbour's in multi-unit dwellings. The lecture also emphasizes the importance of minimizing exposure to radio frequency radiation by using sound-activated baby monitors, changing ears when using wireless earpieces, limiting screen time, keeping a certain distance from cell phones, and turning off wireless devices when not in use. The lecture advises against the use of the "mommy cell phone" for children, which should only emit radiation when in use. The lecture discusses the potential harmful effects of smart meters and smart appliances that emit microwave radiation and generate dirty electricity, which can increase exposure to electro-smog. The lecture advises that smart meters can be shielded and filtered, but these are Band-Aid Solutions. Wi-Fi in schools is a significant concern, as students and teachers are unnecessarily exposed to radiation from base stations, access points, and computers. The lecture highlights some symptoms experienced by students due to exposure to Wi-Fi radiation at school, including headaches, dizziness, tachycardia, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, and blurred vision.




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