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Deca`s Neuroweapons/Electronic Harassment & Mind Control Research thread


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About Longitudinal Waves of an Electromagnetic Field - https://vixra.org/pdf/1710.0125v1.pdf

Are you genuinely trying to suggest scalar/longitudinal waves in EM are not possible?

https://journals.aps.org/prb/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevB.104.L100304 - Electromagnetic Longitudinal waves with extremely short wavelenths. 
"Electromagnetic waves in vacuum and most materials have transverse polarization. Longitudinal electromagnetic waves with an electric field parallel to the wave vector are very rare and appear under special conditions in a limited class of media, for example, in plasmas."

Plasma? Its the most common form of "matter"

Plasma is not a common state of matter here on Earth, but it may be the most common state of matter in the universe, according to the Jefferson Laboratory. Stars are essentially superheated balls of plasma."

Plenty of spooks on many forums. 

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https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/AD0716044.pdf  Biological Function as Influenced by Low Power Modulated RF Energy, some Research Assistance that seems to go over 'experts' heads regarding Frey Effect. Think about it like this, your brain is electrical signals firing over synapses, can you pulse or modulate RF to be directly "decoded" or "read" by the brain without having to be converted from sound in ear to electrical signal in the brain. It just skips a step.


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the Frey effect is only one way to to induce/project a voice or sound into somebody's head ..but by going via the path of the  inner ear the brain will naturally treat is as audio ...trying to induce "sounds" in the head without a natural path way/gate in to brains sensory/perception would by way more complex and how would you get the brain to process it as audio/sensory data etc ....and how could you do it on unwitting/unwillingly human subjects   




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You have to understand that our senses/nervous system is calibrated to give us the illusion of a 1 to 1 with the external world and internal one ...so when this type of technology hacks that .....it can cause a lot of pain/sensation ..with using very weak complex signals ...that we perceive as being a High energy external attack that is very disruptive and plays havoc with our body's equilibrium....so in fact saying its "high energy" might fit your personal experience ....but it not going to fit the objective evidence ..i.e. you not going to be able to record high EMF signals ...or get external damage from such beams being used .......so using the weak complex signals they can cause the pain/suffering effect in the induvial ....but leave no trace of the attack .....thou severe attacks or prolonged use might leave some physical damage in the induvial that might be picked up as an anomaly but could be dismissed as something else ....and as I pointed out the damage is not from the "microwaves" DEW ....but from the pressure wave they cause ....so you never going to find direct evidence of high DEW being used on you ... tissue damage/burns (in most causes) ....but they might like they have with the Havana syndrome victims seen some odd "concussion" like damage from the pressure waves ....and not from the microwave damage ...hence we need to understand the mechanism and what to look for

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Untimely interaction in critical moments, content that does not capture a user’s attention, and missed

opportunities for delivering relevant information are just some of the issues caused by ubiquitous

computing devices’ inability to understand their users cognitive engagement. However, current

means of inferring cognitive load are, with a few exceptions, based on intrusive methods requiring

physical contact of the measurement equipment and the user, thus of limited applicability in ubiquitous

computing. In this paper we propose Wi-Mind, a system for remote cognitive load assessment through

wireless sensing. Wi-Mind is based on a software-defined radio radar that measures sub-millimeter

movements related to a person’s breathing and heart beats, which, in turn allows us to infer the person’s

cognitive load. We built and tested the system with 23 volunteers engaged in different tasks. Initial

results show that while Wi-Mind manages to detect whether one is engaged in a cognitively demanding

task, the inference of the exact cognitive load level remains challenging.


Wi-Mind scheme -our wireless cognitive load inference system relies on a software-defined radio-based FMCW radar and a machine learning dataprocessing pipeline.

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We're all familiar with the experience of time flying…and dragging.

Now scientists have found that our sense of how quickly time is passing is partly caused by changes in our bodies.

They found that greater activity of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) - i.e. increased heart rate and increased electricity conductance - had a 'small, but significant' effect on the feeling of time passing more quickly.

It's thought to be the first time that these objective measures of physiological arousal have been studied in relation to time perception.


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