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UK mandating fluoride in the water

Mikhail Liebestein

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10 minutes ago, The itinerant shrubber said:

Not many filters will fill get rid of fluoride but the Burkeys will filter the pathogens so I'm gonna start filtering the rain water out of my water butt's. 

The Berkey's have another fluoride filter you can add on. I got the whole system, but I couldn't get on with it so got a refund. I'm not sure if it was me or a faulty filter. I know a lot of others have had great success with them. I'm looking at getting a water distiller that others have mentioned on here. See how I get on with that. Like you say, lots of filters about but filtering out the fluoride not so much so. 

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You certainly need a water filter, there is more than just fluoride in the water, such as heavy metals, toxins, mercury.

They dump barrels of industrial waste into the water supply, that is where the fluoride comes from, mixed into a cocktail of deadly killer ingredients.

They specifically chose fluoride to be the main poison, because it specifically targets the brain and turns you into a wimp. It is all based on hitler's work from the 40's when he found people fed fluoride became docile and easy to control, fluoride damages the part of your brain that controls your dominance / willpower, makes you into a coward, scared to stand up and defend yourself, totally obedient to authority figures. The zionists quickly jumped onboard with this and shoved as much fluoride as possible into the drinking water supply, then shoved loads of propaganda on the tv: Drink more water, it keeps you flush. Or drink more poison, it makes you easier to control.

There's a ton of fluoride in tea coffee and chocolate as these foods have the caffeine stimulant that gives you a high so negates the low from fluoride, so when they poison you, you do not feel it.

Theres so much fluoride in tea coffee and chocolate it has to be artifically added, i mean we are talking about ten thousand times that found in ordinary everyday foods.

Hence you always see on the tv people drinking cups of tea as though this is a great british tradition any everyone does it, so you should do as well with the slogan: go on get the kettle on !

also we are taught that chocolate is a treat and some delicious food. Truth is we don't really like any of these foods. it is the caffeine inside the food that the body craves and develops an addiction for, that is why we get a longing and desire everytime we walk the row of brightly coloured sweets, your body is begging for its next fix of drugs.

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I came across this open letter to Boris Johnson by reading the latest issue of The Light.


Three scientific researchers, who have followed the fluoride debate for years, have penned their concerns about water fluoridation and called out the Chief Medical Officer's "gross dereliction of their duty to protect the health of the British people" in their failure to properly consider the health effects of fluoridation schemes. Such effects, backed up by many human and animal studies, include neurotoxicity, especially to the developing brain, resulting in lowered IQ and increased symptoms of ADHD. Whilst you can repair a damaged tooth, early damage to the brain cannot be reversed.



Dear Prime Minister:

SUBJECT:  Leading Scientific researchers concur that fluoridated tap water has the potential to damage the fetal and infant brain


We are writing to you because we believe that neither you nor your chief advisers are aware of the recent serious findings that fluoride, at the doses people experience living in fluoridated communities, has the potential to damage the brains of children.  We are concerned that this compelling new evidence has not triggered any warnings from any health department in the UK, especially warnings to pregnant women.

The following key scientific research forms the basis for our concerns:

  • Well-designed prospective cohort studies funded by both the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences [NIEHS] in the USA as well as Health Canada, have shown a loss of IQ and increased symptoms of ADHD in offspring when pregnant women are exposed to fluoride at doses commonly experienced in fluoridated communities in Canada (Bashash 20172018 and Green, 2019). The consequences are very serious. According to Dr. Philippe Grandjean, from Harvard University,“Fluoride is causing a greater overall loss of IQ points today than lead, arsenic or mercury”, as detailed in this risk analysis.
  • In addition, Till et al., 2020 have shown a large reduction in IQ when children were bottle-fed as babies in communities, which were fluoridated, compared with babies who were bottle-fed in non-fluoridated communities.
  • According to Linda Birnbaum, Ph.D., former Director of the U.S. NIEHS (2009-2019) and two leading public health researchers (Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH, and Christine Till, PhD) who authored two key fluoride-IQ studies (Green, 2019 and Till, 2020), ingestion of fluoride during pregnancy confers no dental benefit to the fetus, so this is a situation where risks are being taken for no proven benefit (see their editorial published in Environmental Health News, Oct 7 2020).
  • In addition, an important well-conducted study from Sweden has shown an increased prevalence of hip fracture in post-menopausal women associated with long-term exposure to natural fluoride at levels in water in the same range as the UK fluoridates its water [Helte et. al. 2021]. This is very serious because, as you probably know, hip fractures in the elderly are debilitating, costly to treat, lead to a loss of independence and often shortens the life of those impacted.  This finding also underlines the fact that fluoride, which accumulates in the bone and other calcifying tissues, can impact our health over a whole lifetime of exposure.

Given the extensive evidence that ingesting fluoride does little to reduce tooth decay and that fluoride is harmful to both the young and the old, please cancel plans to expand the water fluoridation programme and seek an end to existing fluoridation schemes.  Until that end is achieved please make sure that a) pregnant women be warned to avoid ingesting fluoride and b) parents be warned not to use fluoridated water to make up infant formula.


While we recognize that right now the UK, along with many other countries, is being forced to deal with the health risks imposed upon us by the pandemic, we should not be imposing unnecessary risks on our population via the water supply.


In summary, Prime Minister, we sincerely hope that your health advisers will acknowledge the strong scientific evidence of fluoride’s neurotoxicity (and other ill health effects) and put the health of our people above promoting what appears to be a well-intended but clearly outdated practice of water fluoridation.  This would not be the first time that a well-entrenched medical or dental practice has had to give way to advances in scientific understanding of unexpected side effects.


Yours sincerely,


Emeritus Professor Vyvyan Howard MB. ChB. PhD. FRCPath.
Retired pathologist. Past President, International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE)


Professor Paul Connett, PhD,
Retired professor of chemistry,
Director of the Fluoride Action Network, www.FluorideALERT.org


Dr H.S. Micklem, D.Phil (Oxon)
Edinburgh, Scotland


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