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will there be another lockdown this Autum/ Winter

James Freeman (of the land

will there be another lockdown this Autum/ Winter  

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  1. 1. will there be another lockdown this Autum/ Winter

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Christmas would be perfect for them...majority accepted it last year, at least in acquiescence land here where i live. I would not be surprised if dogs start to run their owners before 2022. But i don't watch tv. I know that, from a sure source, that some of the military bases have something like 90+% that took the jab. Apparently something similar in the schools staff. They gone tell something and they will probably do it. Other place in the world seem to show some hope sings. But here so far...in the daily life it is almost disgusting. Quebec, Canada. But the police officer have been kind with me...there is no threat for them. Last spring i saw a police officer on a Chris Sky video saying something like "we should end those measures"...but most people watch their brain washing box. It is very quiet here...on both side. I would say lock down for

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On 9/25/2021 at 10:24 AM, CosmoGenesis said:

Get peppered on what?



It's doubtful anyone will bother seasoning a corpse, so peppering yourself now is a good way to make a pleasant meal for someone if you die and they need to stay alive.


Personally i'm looking forward to the troupe on the streets, about time we had some decent entertainment.

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I think it's highly likely there will be at least local lockdowns in the name of covid this winter. Just listen to the rhetoric of the devolved Ministers that be, Khan, Burnham, The Welshies and the Scots - all of these are dying to reclaim that power from last year.


Also if you look at Austrailia they've had their winter and had lockdowns, so I would expect the same here.


So just my opinion local lockdowns almost certainly. National one 50:50.

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The plan is in place and it is playing out fairly close to the program.

Just keep a vigel for the preparation of the masses (I was going to use Sheple but there is no need for more name calling and misguiding labels)

The key ones are news stories about "variants I other countries", then the reports of increased cases in your country the region. 

Then come the calls to "save lives" by limiting travel to and from elsewhere. 

Then everything will be set for the suggested "lockdown for your own good".

Meanwhile the "elite" as they like to be referred by will be living life to the fullest. 


Enjoy your time with your family.  It's all that you have to look forward to. 

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