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is telling teens not to take the vaccine a good idea?


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I know when I was younger everything my parents told me not to do I done anyway regardless. I noticed at the protest the other day, when protesters engaged with some of the teenagers they quite clearly said because your telling me not to do it I will now take in response to it. 


Its worth thinking about, its a psychological war so their must be some better way to wake people up to this tyranny we all face

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It's not just a case of telling them... they need to be provided with the correct information to make their own mind up...


For example:

The recovery rates and the real level of risk of dying of covid (99.99% in the UK, statistically zero risk of dying)

The number of healthy young people who have died of covid (only 9 in the UK so far)

The level of death and serious injury caused by the vaccine (1,196,813 adverse reactions, 1,645 deaths in the UK alone)


That should be enough to make an informed decision....


Here's the government data from the beginning of August:


21-08-04 Covid Deaths Summary By Age Group-Pre Existing Condition.jpg

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