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Bill Gates IS clever, contrary to what David says

Grumpy Grapes

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The Ruling Elite are much more clever than some people seem to think. Some of them are geniuses, possibly channeling the higher intelligence that controls this world and our evolution. In recent years we have seen the rise of the supposedly ‘idiot politicians’, though I conclude that this is to make the General Public so frustrated with modern democracy (not that it has been very democratic), that they will embrace the Ruling Elite’s not-very-democratic Technocracy (rule by ‘experts’ and scientists). Thus, I believe that some politicians have been playing the fool, most noticeably the British PM BORIS JOHNSON, who belongs to a family of high achievers. 


I am therefore baffled by David Icke’s assertion in 2021 that the Ruling Elite lack intelligence, including Bill Gates. In his podcast “Come on People – It’s Time” (aired September 17th 2021), he said that Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and TPTB in general, do not possess high intelligence; some are “morons”. Really? I fail to see how Gates could succeed in the computer industry by being a moron. It’s possible that Icke was telling a ‘white lie’ in order to ‘galvanise the troops’, but if not, it suggests that he hugely underestimates the Ruling Elite’s intellectual ability. 

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To me they are irrelevant. Artificial. Pathetic. Absurd. And, it is they that are the "inferiors", they are the "elite inferiors". The top of the inferior pyramid, they are the most accomplished and "evolved" of the inferior ideal. As such they are bound to The World of Stupid("...they have their reward...")=== egoMatrix--World of Lies.

Of course this evaluation isn't sourced from this world, but from outside of it.

Logic devoid of Reason= Insanity. "Artificial intelligence" is an oxymoron. "Health care industry" is a misnomer.

Bizarro World Comic page.jpg


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The way i see the "intelligence" of those "elites" is that it is twisted and incomplete. Their intelligence seem to be stuck at a cognition level. No emotions are involves. The only thing that seem to left for this type of "people" in term of self awareness is mostly, if not only, by the pale images of themselves mirrored by others. That about the only way they exist in their own eyes. Someone who have the desperate need to impose what he want to have in term of power, is obviously in a total lack of it. In our times it easy to see them as omnipotent and all powerful. That what they desperately want us to believe and reflect it back to them. Of course they can be clever....but how much clever? Is doing harms to another being is clever? The means used to do harms can be elaborate, and they are. But is this true intelligence? I really believe it is not. But they need us to believe they are intelligent. Like David Icke said many times, they have some knowledge that most of us don't. They are like a old rechargeable battery that does not hold a charge. It need a constant supply of energy to be call a battery...is this really a battery at that point? No!!


Many people researched about the true past of Bill Gates(beyond the facade)... For what i have seen, there is no solid proof that he is clever, but he have money, he always had money. Everyone can tell himself lies. Don't even need a true imagination to do it. Like David Icke said many time, just to inverted of twisted the imagination of real people. (think i paraphrase it a little).

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35 minutes ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

Gates got a very high SAT score in the days when it was a tougher test than today. 


As such he represents the epitome of that he wishes to create.


On  the face of it an incredibly smart guy, yet essentially a soulless human being .


This is his and his similarly smart kinds vision for humanity.


Smart but Soulless. Rich but worthless. Human, yet inhuman.


There is nothing even remotely intelligent or human about this

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He doesnt sound smart, when he talks about jabbing little kids. Just comes across a demon infested meglomaniac Jew like the rest..same with Fauci. He hates kids with a passion, why he killed so many in the past with AIDS & wants to inject two year olds. I dont find that very smart.

Fauci constantly contradicts himself also. Hes owned for life is all. He even struggles & started shaking, getting a mild telling off from Rand Paul.

Trouble with these psychos is they are so drunk on power & chutzpah, they let their guard down to easy.


Gates does have a point about humans being dumb, specially so called smart people, who seem to buy into the scamdemic more than most.

So ide say high IQ is not necessarily a true sign of intelligence. Or we wouldnt be in this mess right now.


Gates mother was a Maxwell, his grandfather managed the Federal reserve in his state. They are linked to Rockefellers through Planned parenthood. Same as Boris father & extremly rich. But the media painted him as a genius nerd like they did recently with Elion Musk, whos another front, like Amazons Bezo, whos father was CIA & grandfather created DARPA. Icke is dead on the money as usual.


So is not what you know but who you know..in the tribe.


This has been spammed heavily on twatted today, which I find amusing. As Boris is not a fool, neither is Piers Corbyn, but they paint them both as fools or fall guys?



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Give us an example of his raw intelligence Grumpy.

He stole some software, repackaged it. Pushes it out like his jabs for the guinea pigs.. then gives you updates. Backed heavily by the CIA. Just another front.

So yeah pretty cunning, but his success is down to who he knows & his parents financial backing. Also being in the right place right time.

Philanthropist tax dodger, if thats what you consider genius.

Corbett done a good documentary on "who is Bill Gates" a while back, shows how hes a front.


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I didn't say that Gates was a genius, nor did I say that he achieved his success single handedly, but I think that David is wrong to conclude that people like him are morons, and ignores the intellectual elites who have dominated world affairs. If the likes of Gates aren't clever, then who is? Are you implying that only good people can be clever? 

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What I get from what David Icke says is that the intelligence behind the 'distortion' running world affairs is very clever, but not wise.

Clever can apply to technical knowledge and how to manipulate and influence others on a colossal scale. Wise refers to what connects everything back into tandem with the source of things, or the ultimate consciousness - the absence of which is disconnection and all the grief that comes with it.


Now with regard to the 'moron' comment, this would refer to the elite frontmen - those elites who face society but are not running the show. This would be Andrews from Australia, Biden from the US, and Johnson from the UK for example. To have such people as leaders of nations/states has the added psychological impact of demoralisation to the mass of people who see such people as 'leading' them.


With regard to Bill Gates, he is extremely clever, and is probably right up there in the cusp of of where the seen starts to meet the hidden. Yet, as I have heard David Icke say, that Bill Gates, as well as existing with no or very little emotion, appears to exhibit signs of perhaps being an artificial intelligence life form - so if true (could be...), would be an idea of where we are heading when we go further down the 'rabbit hole' (for want of a better expression) of what inhabits the 'hidden' that is running the world, or thinks it is. 


It 'thinks it is' as its force is in casting illusions of the mass of people (like sorcerers in medieval times were accused of doing). David Icke has said that this power exists just as a parasite which feeds off humanity, and also has no creative ability of its own but turns what is created (ie advances in technology) that could benefit humanity to an inverted form or usage which will harm humanity.


That is what I understand from I have heard David speaking about and writing about on this topic of the intelligence of the elites.

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Seriously Grumpy. does not really matter to me if you want to keep Baal Goath(copyrights to oddsnods) in high regards to maybe keep telling yourself that we were lied to, but by a clever guy who do evil things with what he was born with. I think it is more accurate to say that they kind of dumb and immatures. And when David Icke it, it tend to bring back down the icons statue that Gill Bate(Copyright Brian Young) "acquires" trough out his death... i mean his life(c'est une petite blague). He(Baal Goath) is a public figure and we tend put those people on a pedestal just because we have been told that they are like that or like this, and like that and so brilliant. When we put them where they really are we quickly fear less about their statue and start questioning that maybe they are not that clever, and that maybe  it was not wise on our part either to blindly believe that they are so brilliant...Measuring intelligence whit only stiff parameter written by a typical bureaucrate is for me........breath in...breath out.


anyways our opinions are different and it is not bad in itself. Go David Go!!!


PS: a manipulative child is also consider more often than not as being clever.

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On 9/20/2021 at 9:19 PM, Grumpy Grapes said:

I didn't say that Gates was a genius, nor did I say that he achieved his success single handedly, but I think that David is wrong to conclude that people like him are morons, and ignores the intellectual elites who have dominated world affairs. If the likes of Gates aren't clever, then who is? Are you implying that only good people can be clever? 

I guess we will find out if he is well educated or a moron soon enough 😂

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