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Would 'you' say anything


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I met a friend of mine, who I haven't seen for some time - His wife works in care home management - My friend was walking with some difficulty - 'HI you old puff - what you shit yourself'  pointing to his strange way of walking - 'I've got an enlarged  [swollen] something'  and he goes onto to tell me about his problems - which were quiet horrendous


The conversation went through it's various phases


It turns out - his wife 'had' no choice to take the vaccine or risk losing her job. - He thought it a sensible thing to do. to also take the vaccine, for his wife's sake - He had at this time taken two doses.


I could see immediately, the correlation. - between his current problems and him having taken the vaccine - 'He' did not have a clue - absolutely naive - he thought everything was perfectly normal  -  from this moment on  - he basically did the talking - I kept quiet - I had nothing to say - I could not analyze the conversation fast enough to make a comment - I felt relatively dumb - so I just listened, making um are arr noises - bid him all the best as we parted company  - 'me' thinking to myself, am I likely to see him again


  Would any of you out there - have said anything - if so what

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It was one of the most awkward positions I have been in - With every sentence, I could see the obvious - BUT - by this stage, it was too late - no point locking the stable door, after the horse has bolted - How do you tell someone, you have known for years - he's an imbecile. - If I told him what 'we' know - what good would it have done him - He would have worried himself into an early grave - as it is at this moment - he doesn't have a clue - ignorance is bliss - even though he is going through a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering  and where will it end - he's basically on 'death row'


Would someone who has taken the vaccine, listen, and if they listened, would they believe

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