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General Space Thread


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Thought I would make a general thread for anything related to the universe, and also the occult aspects. Feel free to share anything.


58 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:



>Jerry Siegel

>Early Life


>Clark Joseph Kent

>News Reporter

>Shouldn't be glorified


And to keep this thread on topic, he worked for the Daily Planet






What does the serpent S remind people of? The NASA logo.


My comment isn't aimed at you, Bam, so don't worry. Just my observations on Superman.


And, boy, do we desperately need a general space thread, not just a flat Earth one. Might make one, or mods can start it off with my comment if they like.


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Shatner is an actor best known for his role in a Sci-fi program/film about space and spaceships and alien baddies ..... oh ... i see where this is going

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Got the space probe that went to Saturn, very symbolic hexagon storm at the north. However, it all looks fake to me, like what’s recording the probe? I could understand a mini camera attached to it, but sometimes the camera is close, sometimes it’s suddenly spawned on the rings of Saturn, watching the probe from a huge distance, next thing is floating on Saturn turning and filming the probe to perfection. It all looks fake, how they recorded it makes no sense. Don’t forget... they can make dragons look real on tv, doesn’t mean it’s a real scene with dragons. 



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Lucifer in the sky with diamonds. Couldn't get more blatantly obvious if they tried.



NASA's Lucy mission set for launch today! $981 million spacecraft named after a Beatles song will swing past eight asteroids during its 12-year journey through the solar system 


The spacecraft is scheduled to blast off on Saturday at 05:34 ET (10:34 BST) on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.





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