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Alternative People? (Punks, Goths, Metallers, etc)

Vic Sage

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Does anyone know any Alternative people who are Covid sceptics/anti-jab? I've been disappointed how often I've walked around London and seen Alternative types happily masked. (Ironically, facemasks had been a popular accessory in some clubs years ago. )
Likewise, I was in Birmingham a couple of months back and the two main Metal bars I visited were strict about track and trace and the Covid app, and also preferred card payments. And again, most of the people inside were happy to be bemasked. In some ways I understand the venues have to conform in order to stay open, but Id been in a lot of non-Alternative bars that weren't so strict and still favoured cash. It just seems ironic that most of these people who proudly claim to be non-conformist and anti-mainstream with regard to fashion, music, etc, were so quick to comply to government rules. I was expecting a lot more pushback/non-compliance.

Last weekend I got turned away from a big London's big Alternative night for not having a Covid passport on my phone. 

By the same token, being refused entry because I wasn't jabbed/didn't have the app gives a little satisfaction that I've stood by my principles all this time, so I must be doing something right.
Having said that, wish I knew how many other people were turned away from any clubs for not being vaxxed, sadly I reckon most so called Alt people have already just complied just as a matter of course.

As a side note, it's ironic that a lot of Heavy Metal and Industrial bands would sing songs about a "New World Order", and yet the plandemic crept up on us and nobody batted an eyelid with regards to conforming to jabs and digital passports, etc. Likewise, no-one seems to have joined the dots and seen the underlying agenda because it doesn't fit their "NWO" stereotype as seen in music videos, etc,  of a blatant Orwellian, Communist-like state, so when the tiptoe started taking place they were blissfully ignorant as they didn't see the bigger picture, as it seemed like business as usual apart from the apparent inconvenience of (all but) compulsory jabs to get into venues, etc. It seems more the case that a lot of these bands and their followers were drawn to the imagery on a superficial level. Either that, or it's predictive programming.

(Incidentally, just found this article on Al Jourgenson, lead singer of Industrial band Ministry, who always made a big deal about being anti-government and NWO, now he's encouraging people to get vaccinated:


Any thoughts?

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