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Have you ever wondered why you found (or rather were led to) Mr Icke?


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Is It because of Covid 19 and what this scamdemic will do to human society if WE do not make a stand?


I think things happen in all our lives for a reason. The other day I wondered why I was led to Mr Icke many, many years ago?


I first became interested in Mr Icke when I was twenty years of age. A mere youngster enjoying life to its fullest. I had absolutely no interest in politics or 'conspiracies'. Yet quite by chance (and it was definitely not a programme I would normally watch) I happened to see the Wogan show where Wogan and the audience tried to bully, humiliate and destroy Mr Icke. I remember some of my family members commenting he was nuts, but I disagreed. From then on I followed Mr Icke as best I could with the information available at the time. In the last twenty+ years Mr Icke has become more and more a factor in my life and I could not understand why a man I had never met who many thought was nuts kept appearing in my mind/thoughts. Thoughts to look at this, look at that, read this book, watch that video...........and here we are 30+ years later faced with the biggest threat to humanity the world has and will ever see. For me personally I now know why I was led to Mr Icke.


See you ALL London September 18 2021.

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I saw that show. Then I bought Enter The Matrix (Think it was called that) from Waterstones and was intrigued. I'm not completely in sync with everything but I feel David has called a lot out re the cabal/ NWO years before anyone else. And has been proved right on a lot. He doesn't get enough credit for that.

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