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What allignment should I choose

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Hello guys !I have a Big problem with choosing my alignment.I tried the "Care" alignment like Mark Passio did.It is really cool,but the BIG problem with it is not that it tests your physical courage(this part is really fun).The BIG problem is that you will be put in situations that can require you to kill or injure someone to defend your or others  life.Some of you will think that this is not something immoral and maybe it is not but killing or injuring one after another can get you slowly but surely to the Dark Side.If you are put in front of let's say ,the Demiurge ,and to save the world you must kill him,will you do it?If you do this(killing the Prime Evil) with all your courage and hate you will end by being possesed by the Pure Evil.So maybe the best option is not to kill him and let him go.But your "Courage" alligned heart will not let you spare him.And you will end up by being the next Anakin Skywalker(aka Darth Vader) that is consumed by Hate.And I do not want to end up like that.So guys ,I need your advice and ,could you make a list of all possible positive traits to allign your heart with with all their advantages and disadvantages?I like the "Courage" alignement but if it gets me to the Dark Side I do not know what other alignment to choose.Infinite Love is too "feminine" for me right now.I need something more masculine that can make me use my physical courage too not only the spiritual part of it. Maybe when I get older I shall choose Infinite Love it as my alignment but for now I do not feel it is the proper option.Thank you for your kind answer.

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