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new social media trends; show off your body is inhabited by multiple “beings”…


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I have a gut feeling a lot of these are not multiple personality disorder but have actual 'hitchhikers' that, thanks to the recent unrestrained reign of evil on our Earth Plane, have managed to fully intergrade with their host.


Quote from this article 7 examples our society is insane



#3 One of the hottest new social media trends is to show off the fact that your body is inhabited by multiple “beings”

Several TikTok and YouTube accounts of such broken people, who refer to themselves as a “host” or “system” of multiple beings, have millions of online followers. They exhibit their various personalities for online notoriety in the guise of “educating” and “promoting awareness.”

One TikToker who says she has DID explains in a Q&A about her personalities, “I can’t force anyone [inside me] to come out but I can communicate very well within the system and ask someone to come out, but sometimes it’s very involuntary.”



linked Article

TikTok’s Hottest Trend Is As Old As Demonic Possession

'Members of the multiplicity community insist that they're healthy, happy, and even normal—they just have up to hundreds of personalities contained within one body.'
Reminds me of this

Top Psychiatrist: ‘Mental Illness Is Demonic Possession’

Screenshot-2020-09-29-at-15.15.19-64x64.Alexander LightJuly 19, 2016

A New York psychiatrist has shocked the science community by admitting that patients are suffering from mental illness are the subjects of demonic possession.


Richard Gallagher, who is a board-certified psychiatrist and professor of clinical psychiatry at New York Medical College has come forward saying he has had personal experiences with demonic possession adding that it’s ‘very widespread’.



Demonic possession is REAL, says psychiatry professor who's spent 25 years viewing exorcisms - and says 'fallen angels' target the devout AND those who've meddled with the occult



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