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Natural Law is not the same as Common Law

Stephen Truth Seeker

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On 12/2/2021 at 6:34 AM, Stephen Truth Seeker said:

Is any human powerfull enough to make a judgement  over another human?


People do it all the time. The only power required to judge is the intellectual capacity to do it. A judgment is a mere thought. Just like a "law".

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On 9/4/2021 at 5:53 PM, Stephen Truth Seeker said:

Two different types of Law one is created by Nature/Universal Intelligence  the other is created by Humans.

I see universal law/natural law as the hermetic principles - everything is bound by these principles whether it be human, ant, plant, tree, cloud, water etc.


Common law of man, used to be styled around natural laws - protecting free-will/sovereignity while protecting from harm - then they soon became draconian, until we’re at the place that every aspect of life has nonsensical laws attached. 

I really like this particular narration of the Kybalion detailing the hermetic principles governing life:




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17 hours ago, zarkov said:

He explains his background in one of the presentations iirc. Definitely worth watching.

OK I watched the first video.

I would listen to ex-satanist than a newager like that Irish guy who has a fluffy idea.

I'd say MP knows how to fight if he needs to.



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Ah. Well I can clear the confusion up I think by saying that love is the law. Basically it can do natural law (fight, win, prevail - you can ask Chuck Norris, it's called Kung Fu), and it can do common law too (true love romance). Both are case of the lover being magical, which might apply to me and not you... my apologies. 😉

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