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Thank you EnigmaticWorld  - one for taking the time to reply  - but most importantly - for pointing out about social media - I am a bit past it - I've never had a facebook or Twitter or any of the other accounts -


I totally overlooked the fact that everybody communicates on those platforms - a bit short sighted of me -  I never took an interest myself - probably because I don't have any friends.


I imagine there is tons more information out there - than I see on 'you tube' - UKColumn or here on David Icke  - I considered myself knowledgeable - maybe a bit conceited of me 


Thanks again - take care my friend



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Having just watched today's UK Column post - and what is happening in Australia and France, reminded me of my forth coming novel


My protagonist is the son of a well respected figure in the 'French Resistance' of the second world war  - He is in the midst of a new war - only he doesn't really know who the enemy are - The enemy has the ability to recruit allies through restrictive impositions - Big conglomerate business people being afforded financial incentives to restrict his access to food - and in doing so - become the enemy also 


In the lead up to the second world war Hitlers allies - convinced many members of the German public, that Jews were diseased and pitched them against the Jews

Their ability to live a normal existence became almost impossible due to shop owners refusing them access.


Does the vax and unvaccinated narrative that Biden is pushing ring any bells - > not that Biden could really have a narrative <  Does the food shortages ring any bells - Does the farmers being ordered to destroy their crops ring any bells and what about supermarkets in Australia restricting the unvaccinated from their shops


I started to research story ideas and realised - I'm not writing anything new - I'm writing history


The 'yellow star' has been brought into the 21st century and replaced with the 'passport' - Nurses became unwitting killers in 1939 - as they may well be in 2021


I think the one advantage the Jews had during the 1939 - 1945 conflict, was at least, they knew their enemy - This time around it is more confusing. 


BUT - Apart from the names and a few other changes - the stories the same one as Neil Diamond sang




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Hospitals usually have on their websites Covid 19 updates 


On July 25th 2020  - I  caught one hospital out, posting phoney figures 


I sent the undeniable evidence to an ex television journalist 'Sonia Poulton'  but, for what ever reason - that is where it ended - This was slightly different to some other evidence I gathered , that just did not add up


When a hospital reports that two people in their care - one in her seventies  and one in her eighties that tested positive for covid died  - and sympathies go out to their loved ones etc  -  There is a procedure that is followed


One - a doctor has to declare the patient dead and write a death certificate - this ends up on a register of births and deaths in a particular parish

Two that patient gets moved to the hospital morgue - is toe tagged so no one gets confused - this action goes on the hospital file for legal reasons

Three a funeral director has to be notified, and has to collect the body for preparation either for a burial or cremation

Four a burial plot has to be purchased from the council - or - a cremation has to be arranged


All this is recorded - names - dates - times etc - money goes into bank accounts which is written on a balance sheet and becomes the property of the government's

department of revenue


When a hospital states on their webpage - sadly two patients in our care etc etc - and then nothing - no admission to the morgue - no deaths registered  - These bodies just disappear from the radar - What could be happening to them 


Anyway - no matter where in the country you live - or for that matter 'what' country - There is records to be kept - a paper trail - if that trail doesn't exist - it is pretty 

certain neither do the patients  - accessing the hospital morgue admin data can be done via FOI requests


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Butchers' back slang originated in Smithfield Market in around 1850 and was used by the meat traders to insult each other without offending members of the public and to speak about the prices, age or quality of the meat without letting on to customers that they might be being sold something sub-par.


Doctors have a form of doctor's speak - When they correspond with each other and write something along the lines


'In Mr Icke, we have a very pleasant person who I recommend' etc


What they are actually saying is  'In Mr Icke, we have a patient that is susceptible to what he is being told'  - In other words - he will believe what he is being told without question, and here is a chance to make money from this patient.


If Mr Icke is questionable about their advice  - He usually words it ' I recommend Mr Icke sees' - etc


Obviously it is not actually slang - but it is a subliminal way they communicate. When this actually came into existence, is uncertain. There is evidence of this sort of communication being used in the fifties, during the TB epidemic, when doctors tried to avoid worrying their patients and everything was written on carboard and paper files. - When the distortion took place, and it started being used in the way I mention above. again it is unknown - but - if you research into this- it does show over the years, how corrupt and unethical the NHS has become

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Has anyone considered - that when someone supposedly contacts covid - the advice they are given is to self-isolate for ten days - After ten days you should be over it and not likely to pass it on - So where did all these patients come from that overwhelmed the hospitals - were put on ventilators and filled the graveyards - AND - more importantly 'WHY' did the hospitals do anymore than just give their patients, a bed for ten days and then send them home


During lock down, everyone was self-isolating  - and wasn't that the idea


ANYWAY FOLKS - Forget the toxic vaccines and put the ventilators back in the cupboard, I have found a cure for covid - Before I reveal what it is, can anyone tell me what I need to do to be nominated for the Nobel Award and where I buy my tickets for the tennis season


Ok here it is - no need for masks or social distancing - and - you can take this even if you are fit and healthy - it will not do you any harm


Lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water - and if you want it sweetened a teaspoon of honey

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Covid-19 deaths’ before and after the fake vaccine around the world

Just watched this post  -  the data source - Johns Hopkins University 
If it agrees - disagrees - is in the middle - or claims that grass is green - Who the f***ing hell believes anything that comes out of this cesspit
remember  > Event 201 < 
A university that purchases - in August and September 2019 plastic printed sheeting in Chinese and several ornamental lanterns like they use in Chinese takeaways  - paper lanterns that in one 'fake' video of a man falling dead in a supposed Chinese city are hanging on the 'outside' of a shop with no protection from the elements  - Chinese  posters adorning a public bus with American registration plates
It's all on 'you tube' - you just have to watch and listen very carefully
And to verify the facts, send a FOI request to the universities bursar and pretend you have money to invest - They are that f***ing moronic, they do not cover their tracks
As an afterthought - this has been done
I had [pretended] half a million dollars, that I would rather put to better use, than making the tax man richer - and I wanted to know what the universities expenses were - they replied almost immediately with as much detail as I could possible need which exposes how greedy these a***holes are - because they are funded by the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation - I was seeking information on the funding of Event 201 [21]
without letting on
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I am sure that everyone on this forum is aware - but just in case


May and June 2019 discussions continued over the pretend scenario pandemic - The working title was Agenda 2021 - That then became Event 2021 in late July and was shortened to Event 21 around the same time. When the Amiga Team designed the emblem, it became Event 201 - the o is a representation of the globe and symbolises the fact this was a global pandemic - all that was planned along with all those taking part went to tape on 19th October 2019


The fact it started for real in 2020 - sort of spoilt the continuality 



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Sorry folks


I have just been watching videos posted on this website, and now I feel a right dick - If I ran a newspaper, I'd have to title it   'Old News of the World' or 

'The Catchup Chronical'  ' The Daily Nostalgia'  or something just as stupid, that would fit my bill


My research notes are destined for the bin rather than the archives


When I was a kid, our parents were forever telling us - we should be seen and not heard - looks like they were wiser than I gave them credit for.

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I have just read on 'you tube' that Joe Biden got his booster shot

Anyone out there doubt this wasn't a placebo - and the original supposed vaccines were also phoney - I have no proof - just a guess


On March 2nd 2021 Dolly Parton did a piece to camera getting her Moderna vaccine and called those not getting theirs 'chicken shit cowards'

Dolly Parton supposedly invested in Moderna $1 million dollars to research a covid vaccine  - WOW isn't she wonderful  - who now isn't a Dolly Parton fan


The main stream reports that she invested a whopping $1 million dollars in 2019 to research a covid vaccine


 I thought this pandemic didn't start until 2020






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The BBC reported that Dolly Parton invested $1million dollars with  Moderna to research a covid vaccine in November of 2019 - BBC

Archives   -  My research reveals Dolly Parton has been investing in the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre for a couple of years, since a car accident saw her receive treatment there. 


Excluding the original reasons for Parton's purchase of preference and debenture shares  and her long time friendship of the CEO of the Moderna company - Stephan - The offshoot of the VUMC that became Moderna  'officially' started research into a 'coronavirus' vaccine in early 2019


A 'coronavirus vaccine '  doesn't mean covid 19 vaccine - but isn't that a bit of a coincidence  -  Isn't the flu virus a member of the coronavirus family - haven't big pharma been doing this for years 


The MSM made it appear that Parton invested  > gave <  a million dollars of her wealth to Moderna - she didn't - she bought shares - an investment that will see a profitable return - when the company sells. it's products for a profit


Astrazenica is a company making a product - a vaccine - and hopes to sell it for a profitable return 


 One of Astrzenica's customers is the UK government - and can you guess - who are Astrazenica's share holders 


Answers on a postcard - and sorry there are no prizes


The NHS is a company losing money, and who was educated in finance - an ex bank employee - ex financial adviser to George Osborn

and someone promoted through the ranks to become health secretary - that may just have enough business savvy to break the NHS into smaller compartmental segments and outsource much of the business with independent private  companies 


Any guesses




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Having just watched today's news and that article about Jeremy Clarkson - I ask myself - Is it a publicity stunt  by Clarkson to get more customers into his farm shop - If it is - what a strange way to go about it - wouldn't people now shy clear, not wanting to tangle with these sort of morons


Maybe this isn't a bad way to attract attention for a future program though


If it was real - why didn't the police make any arrests - surely that was an act of criminal damage  - just doesn't make sense


And 'if' these protesters are for real - god fucking help us - the world has gone totally bonkers 

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As we get further and further into this hoax - each day it becomes more bizarre 


SURELY - everybody is now having doubts about what is really going on - If I had been stupid enough to have fell for this bull - and taken the experimental vaccine - been a lab rat - a guinea pig - By now I would be panic stricken as to what they have done to me, and demanding answers and looking for a way out - 'someone' would be suffering my wrath.


But where I would expect the kickback to come from, is silent  


Another thing I can't get my head around - and it might be to do with my age - but if my work colleagues were being unfairly treated - Everyone of us would have united and stood together - In other words - A nurse is fired for not getting the vaccine - why are all nurses not standing together and striking - for want of a better word - There is power in numbers -  Do unions still exist  - if not - why not - It is the shop floor workers that creates unions - not the management - No one can abolish the rights of the work force - they are not slaves


Another thing that puzzles me - has society lost it's backbone - especially the armed forces - or even the police force - They must know by now that masks don't do anything towards keeping them safe from a virus - if it were real - so how come they are so obedient


The internet can be a wonderful tool - as well as the most evil invention in the history of mankind - surely everyone is up to speed by now


I wonder at the many morons I see in town - still wearing their 'face nappies' - as David calls them -  even though the 'rules' have been dropped - One shop worker told me, she was wearing hers - to be on the safe side - YET - she is young - early twenties maybe - and if I know how to use a computer - then so does she


It's the sheeple attitude - especially in the young - that doesn't make sense - where have all the rebels gone


I'll take a guess - probably all stoned out of their head or drunk on cider - trying to remember - which father belongs to which child - while superglued to their play station hand controller and being wound-up by their older kids who are totally knackered having worked a 'whole hour' stacking shelves - Maybe the government's depopulation plan, if it is real, has some validity



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The climate protestors - Global warming  - The greenhouse effect - The title changes so many times I've lost count - Are the extinction rebellion protestors, wanting to bring back dinosaurs - if so - is it because they watched Jurassic Park and believe it's real - serious question - I don't have a clue


I know the the deforestation of the Amazon basin , will affect the weather globally - humidity changes, will no doubt have side effects


But - blocking the M25 in England and causing chaos, to force the UK government to do 'WHAT' exactly, doesn't make any logical sense - Alright everybody we are going to kill every donkey in England to stop the Spanish people throwing them off roof tops  > look it up <  - This country has become the asylum - where do the sane people go



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We Jikwan can stand upright and proud to be members of the human race - aren't our  fellow humans delightful and wonderful people


FUCKING SCUM SUCKING.POND LIFE  more like - but we are not allowed to call them that - that is being an 'ogitist' of some sort or the other  - so we must open our hearts and open our arms and open our borders - full of welcome with offers of five star luxury and a free pass to go where ever they wish - money in their pockets - and a promise that 'we' will adapt to their religious beliefs and obey their rules and if it involves little white girls - then we should turn a blind eye and leave our beloved police force to beat up little old ladies at protest rallies


Are you getting some kind of theme here Jikwan 😆  - The age old problem of using a paint brush for spreading tar springs to mind


The point of my original post was the absurdity of dickheads blocking a road in England to solve a problem in Brazil - All intelligence seems to have flown out of the window - I have to ask myself - did they have any intelligence in the first place ?   - a conundrum of all conundrums' 😏


There are a lot of very sick people in the world - as far as our standards go - and I am not referring to  covid


Take care my friend   

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I am a 'grey top' born in 1951  - yes a f*** ing antique  -  I have no inclination to be apart of any experiment


I have been reading reports of people my  age - and anti-vaxers -  being refused medical treatment and turned away from hospitals - So very early on in this hoax - I thought I had better make sure I stay out of harms way - and not need the help of the dancing brigade  > NHS <  no ladder climbing - electric saws or nail guns etc 


When you no longer have any respect for an organisation - you have to adapt  - SO - I started being careful - what I did and how I did it - and - started taking an interest in my well being as far as my diet is concerned  - I'm not yet perfect - probably because I'm lazy - but my food intake has changed dramatically - and I haven't felt as good  as I do at present - for a very long time - SO - I have to be thankful for covid


As far as respecting the NHS - I just watched another post of the dancing clowns - have nurses no self-respect - supposedly mature, dedicated grown ups - sitting on a hospital bed - being pushed along a corridor and pretending it's a boat


There are two things to think about - one  - If this covid is for real - these nurses are acting like school children , while patients are suffering and succumbing to this illness - which is a disgrace - or - two - they know it's not real and haven't the courage to say so 


Either way they and my doctor can all go and do one - and if I cock up - at least I'll die surrounded by my family and not some morons that look on me - just as another problem that will interfere with their dance routines


It has come to a very strange stage - where if I saw my doctor on fire - I wouldn't waste my piss on him - and basically he hasn't done me any harm - but he wants to 

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Maybe I misunderstand the reasoning behind creating a forum  -  or  - is it just that everyone on here - has their eyes wide open and we are all in agreement -  I certainly couldn't wish to be among better people - BUT - I was hoping to have an ongoing conversation and hear different views and different takes, on what is happening around the world today - for this very reason 


I think it is wonderful they are going to jab kids - and I think it should be the kids choice - but only kids over five years old - I think everyone should get a jab - and why not - it will help save mankind - and it's free - I think it should be made mandatory because the un-vaccinated  are putting the vaccinated in danger  I think the vaccines have got to be safe - otherwise they wouldn't be pushing for everyone to get one - I think they only want to vaccinate > jab < everyone to save us from this deadly virus - what other reasons could they have ?   - I don't believe what the internet tells us about Australia - and I think the BBC is impartial - a valuable  source of information and worth every penny of it's fee - I also think that everyone should buy a television licence, and if they haven't got a television - the fee should be another form of tax

I think if you don't get the jab you shouldn't be allowed to work at all - let alone among people who are vaccinated and I think it only right that cafes and pubs should ban you if you haven't had at least two jabs - Also it makes sense to me that we should all get a booster every eight months because this is just enough time for the variants to develop - I think the Arab terrorists that committed the 911 attacks 'were' orchestrated by Bin Laden from his cave in Afghanistan - and think it only right that America declared war on the middle east - and I don't believe some theory's - that oil was involved -I also believe Jane Standley's explanation about her report  of Building 7

I think Tony Blair made a simple mistake over his belief that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction - and it was better to be safe than sorry anyway


What do you all reckon ? Is there anyone on here that thinks otherwise -  and why for god sake

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So, you were hoping to find more people with contrasting views, so that a decent debate could maybe happen? Rather than a sort of echo chamber. Or maybe I am misunderstanding.


Well, I suppose some reasons why people who genuinely hold those views you cited above wouldn't come here are:


1. They are hooked on their FB, Twitter, Instagram for the coverage and discussion which chimes with what they have chosen to believe from the MSM. They - like those of us who are on this side of the divide - want confirmation bias, mostly.


2. The only interest they may have for coming to a David Icke forum is to wind people up, slag off "conspiracy theorists" and "jew haters" and "anti-vaxxers", and unless employed by the 77th Brigade or the various gov't/security outlets, there isn't much mileage in that for the average civilian.


3. They wouldn't last 30 seconds before @oddsnsods or @Ziggy Sawdustripped their heads off!


While more "balance" is a noble idea, the reality is none of us have the time or energy to waste on trying to persuade or argue with opposing views this far down the line. Not least because the millions who have been jabbed or are still masked are a lost cause. The fight now is to stop what's happening and do as much as we can to highlight what's being done and perhaps some ways and means to challenge it.

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1 hour ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

They - like those of us who are on this side of the divide - want confirmation bias, mostly.


I'd be happy to speak elsewhere and have tried but i get banned


The other side, as you put it, don't allow anything to disrupt their echo chamber

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