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If You Ever Go Inside A Public Building, Never Give Them Your Mobile Number

Ergo Storm

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They want it for NHS Track and Trace.  They won't tell you this unless asked, but it's probably safest not to give out your mobile number to strange people anyway.


I was in a public building at the end of the last month and made the mistake of giving out my mobile number when asked.  I then noticed that the security guard entered it on a sheet headed 'NHS Track and Trace'.


I spent the next 10 days wondering if I would receive a call requiring me to go into isolation.  Thankfully, that did not happen.


On the next occasion, I refused: "Oh, I wouldn't normally give out my number.  What do you need that for?"


He then explained it was for NHS Track and Trace.  I replied: "I am sorry, I have no number for that purpose."  I then just repeated this until he dropped it.


I think this is the best approach.  Don't be rude or try to challenge what they are doing, just ask them why they want the number, and when they say it is for NHS Track and Trace, tell them you have no number for that purpose.  


If they don't mention NHS Track and Trace, refuse to give them your number anyway.  You can just say: "I am sorry, but that's private".  Just repeat that until they drop it.  If worst comes to worst, pretend you've suddenly forgotten your number.  I sometimes start giving them a number and then halfway through stop and affect to be forgetful: "Wait, is it 4 or 5?  Oh dear, I'm not very good at this, am I.  Sorry, I seem to have forgotten my own mobile number.  You know how it is".


If you have your phone on you and have to hand it in, pretend that you don't know how to find your number on the phone.  Always make sure your phone is locked in those circumstances.


The reason I labour this is that once you are signed up to NHS Track and Trace, they can pester you and, at least in theory, can enforce isolation on you under threat of arrest - though this is now only for a limited period.

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On 9/15/2021 at 10:32 PM, k_j_evans said:

I have always given a made-up landline number if asked.

I just give them my deceased dad's mobile no (only other one I can remember by heart)........ they will get a shock if he answers!

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