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Considering getting both vaccines and the future booster shot so that I die with everyone else


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  • 78ast78dgyad changed the title to Considering getting both vaccines and the future booster shot so that I die with everyone else

It assumes a few too many things, though.


1. That everyone WILL die., and not just be maimed or damaged or be in terrible pain.


2. That everyone will die within a similar time-frame. Some might be days, months, years...who knows.


3. That the decision won't have serious repercussions on your karma or soul or consciousness.


I understand the feeling, but is it worth assuming all of the above?

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4 hours ago, matreshka said:

Aren't you afraid of death?

No, death is afraid of me, no no, just kidding! 


Same Question now to the properly intended if the person wants to answer it... Urgh, life is just too cheerful, ahah, leary.. Sigh. 

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On 9/3/2021 at 7:10 PM, 78ast78dgyad said:

I have decided that I don't want to be a last survivor situation.


I actually will want to die with everyone else and the people I knew when the vaccine kills them.



Yeah, I kinda get that, except I won't allow them to take me out. I considered going ahead a getting their "vaccine" bullshit, just to prove The Spirit can and will override or neutralize such bullshit, but I decided not to to avoid any possible body difficulties at all, I've got enough bullshit going on without adding to it. "They" cannot take me out, I'm ready to exit this thing(bullshit dream) already, but I'm hanging around for awhile to be a help for others and a problem for them(the elite nutcases).

Me and GOD will decide the time to leave, not them. I certainly don't believe this world is worth fighting for or clinging to. Many do though.

"Narrow is the gate..."


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Found this quote for the OP



It reads, "I am no longer accepting the things I cannot control, or change... I am changing the things I cannot accept..."


=== About adapting that means I guess,  but without compromising core values!!!.. 


(and making the best of a bad situation, and improving on it where we can) 👍


Acceptance, "of what"  -or- "on what stakes" depending on various rationales... depends on many factors... 

Except, please, even if only for your own sake, despite of what those whom are close to you have gone and done, don't let that include acceptance of the vaccines, by way of your response to bad news.. because that reminds me of another quote:-



¶¶If you can't beat them, join them¶¶.... Not a good thing!! 


Stay well (& *alive* relative to your cause or dedication!.. and for the sake of helping others for whom the chances of good mortality still exist... 

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