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A Perfect Example of COVID Biased Journalism


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Here is a good example how biased our media and social media reporting has become in the United States, and how they use data to manipulate/sensationalize the COVID pandemic in the United States for political gain. Now, I do not blame the US media for their shortfalls in poor journalism, because in the end, their steadfast diet of hack-crap journalism is what Americans feed on:



If U.S. had fought COVID like Denmark did, hundreds of thousands of Americans would be alive | Opinion

Written by Andres Oppenheimer on Wed, September 1, 2021, 3:43 PM



With all do respect, here is my rebuttal and opinion against Mr. Oppenheimer's opinionated article:


Using the Oxford University COVID Data numbers, Mr. Oppenheimer cites how Danes are doing an extraordinary job in vaxxing 70% of its population; “now, the government is launching a vaccination campaign in schools and colleges, aiming at a full vaccination rate of 90% of the population.”; and for this reason Danes do not wear masks, and Denmark's COVID deaths are (according to Oxford University’s Ourworldindata.org website.442/million vs 1,904/million in the United States. If the Oxford University Data is accurate, and if we compare and did the math between the two countries, just on population size alone (Denmark population - 5,815,792 vs U.S. population-332,706,100), Denmark’s COVID death toll is .04%<1%; United States’ COVID death toll is .19%<1%.  


In his article, Mr. Oppenheimer failed to explain how a diverse, geopolitical, geographical and multi-ethnic demographical U.S. landscape vs Denmark’s mostly homogeneous landscape can pose challenges when dealing with COVID. With that being said, he is right in that the Danes trust their government more than U.S. citizens trust theirs. Another point he failed to mention is that Denmark’s social health care system is far superior in its care and services than the profit driven health care system in the United States. I hate to say it—Americans love money and power, then God! Mr. Oppenheimer failed to mention that Danes are happier and healthier than just about anyone in the world with the exception of the Swiss. Most Americans in general seem happy but are overworked, underpaid, struggle with their expensive health care services, unemployment (partly due to Ageism the “new discrimination”), increase in poverty—all major contributing factors towards poor health, heart disease, diabetes, etc. that can lead to an increase in COVID death cases. Another conveniently left out statistic is Denmark’s population is younger than the rapidly aging U.S. population. Can things be better? Yes, they can; but if you did the math, the U.S. is doing a good job considering its vast and deeply intrenched political hurdles, and in my opinion, a difunctional governing body that fails to connect with its citizens.


As a journalist, Mr. Oppenheimer’s used his power to slam former President Trump, then hails President Biden for doing a better job during this COVID crisis; and by stating that had Trump done a better job while president, U.S. COVID deaths would be much lower is a biased opinionated statement. Personally, I did not vote for Mr. Trump so my opinion is neutral, but it's  obvious that Mr. Oppenheimer’s article and position is not neutral nor objective; his opinion is not based on critical thinking, sound journalism and fair journalism, but biased and politically motivated rhetoric.

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