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Medical Insurance Providers: It's War and The Pressure Is On COVID Patients!


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Perhaps I am wrong in my interpretation of the article, but it seems like you are "damned if you do, damned if you don't": as the COVID narrative keeps spinning and revealing its ugly face, healthcare providers and insurance companies are now rethinking their policies: the New York Times article written by Robert Hart points out that even if you are vaccinated and get sick, you could be on the financial limb (or potential financial ruin) because insurance companies are rethinking their COVID coverage. The insured and unvexed will be held 100% financially liable while those insured and vexed could be responsible for over 20% of the hospitalization cost. https://www.forbes.com/sites/roberthart/2021/08/19/the-cost-of-being-unvaccinated-just-went-up---most-insurers-are-passing-costs-back-to-patients-as-covid-hospitalizations-soar/?sh=9c03f91bd9a0


The article definitely communicates that there is a war going on to pressure the entire population be vaccinated, wether they like it or not; but of course, this would not apply to multi-millionaires or billionaires, because they can afford the best in hospitalization, vexed or unvexed. Now one can argue that from a financial and economic point, the insurance companies and hospitals have the right to protect themselves. But the individual did not create COVID nor wish it upon themselves, but they are being punished and forced to pay the heavy toll. And if David Icke and many like him contend that COVID is fake, then what?  To publicly state that certain individuals should be tried for "crimes against humanity" is not enough. This twisted COVID narrative, which has more questions than answers is leaving many confused and angry, and it has grown beyond "the evil doer with psychopathic tendencies" label—it has become a Frankenstein, now out control and uncontainable by Dr. Frankenstein. This convoluted pandemic has and is changing political, economic, and social structures around the world whether we like it or not—and perhaps, that was the real agenda. 


As a sidebar: it's interesting to note, that Vexed and Unvexed are newly coined words now used in our everyday vernacular. They have become labels, or our scarlet letters, in the 21st Century world.

Food for thought: those uninsured living on the streets, subways, in boxes, under bridges, in tents along the highways seem not to be part of the growing number of COVID cases, which defies logic.  

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