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Utility companies attacking through power lines-graphene poisoned individuals especially vulnerable


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Here in Durham, NC we are seeing the electric company overvoltaging the power lines to create very strong electric fields around power lines (160-210 V/m). These fields set up very strong magnetic fields around appliances, the bigger the appliance the stronger the field. Personally I experience the fields as a fullness progressing to irritation and tapping of the tympanic membrane.  It is very stressful.  This appears to be for depopulation since the graphene found in the covid fake vaccines is highly electrically conductive and it sets up magnetic fields around the nanobots in the body.  The nanobots are not limited to the vaccines but chemtrail spraying has resulted in huge numbers of nanobots inside people regardless of the vaccination. The nanobots can and are being used to create devices inside people's bodies such as a "mind control device" which influences emotions and allows the NWO to influence individuals.  The high magnetic fields are being used to trigger seizures and nerve injury/paralysis which may result in death.  In the case of the housing attack this is being done to trap individuals in the apartments so they can not respond such as by escaping collapsing buildings or putting out fires.

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Sure, here's a video done showing the readings.  https://www.brighteon.com/32b55f8b-f51b-4f45-a9bc-f2510edc4dd7


The magnetic fields have been recorded up to 6 micro teslas.  


The other information about the nanobot devices is experiential based on my own observations and talking with insiders.

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In an unreasonable(insane)  world it should sound reasonable(credible) to us all that such could be the best part of True if not totally utterly true, but whilst I have still much to learn on it, I so far believe G.O is the bad guy ultra! (and who knows what else other evil nano cocktails the phoney health officials and pseudo -scientists have up their slimey sleeves too!)  


Especially with G R A P H I N E O X I D E being the number one star villain of bodily fusion or whatever the hell its sets out to do, such as readily making any incumbent of graphene oxide who has this in their body to become a radiation carrier/conductor...  and then to know as already established on these forums in the mind area of the body G.Oxide is capable of penetrating the "blood brain barrier" infiltrating it and so too your brain!!  


I don't live in the US but would it matter where we live in the near future as infastructure for delivering brain wave interference resonates more and more powerfully and omnipotently? 


I mean its a bit like asking do Monsanto products contain GMO or pestcides or cancer causing chemicals. The answer is firmly guaranteed to be absolutely yes!  

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