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Child's voice in my house.

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Been a member here for quite a while but did not notice this topic section!


Although I have experienced a few things through my life which I have questioned did that really happen? Or did I really see/hear that?


I thought I would share my most recent experience. The best part is my wife was with me and experienced exactly the same thing.


About four years ago my wife and I were sat in our living room having a chat. No tv on, no radio on, no pc on. Our stairs were towards the back of the living room off to the left hand side, with the door to them open. During our chat I heard a young boys voice slightly louder than a whisper calling: "mum" "mum". It was so clear it took me by total surprise, as if the child was trying to get my wife's attention away from our conversation. Thinking rationally I said absolutely nothing to my wife apart from asking did you hear that? To my surprise she said she had. So I asked her who did you hear and what was said? She said it was a little boy sat on the bottom of the stairs calling: "mum", "mum". I was absolutely stunned. Like I say I have experienced quite a few things in my life that I have doubted, but to have a witness with me was just way out there and just confirmed to me death is not to fear and that there is much, much more out there on different levels/frequencies.


We had another experience of his voice talking normally as if he was talking to another child in one of our back bedrooms, when I walked towards the door to open it he stopped talking as if he knew I was approaching. I also had the kitchen light switch physically move to the off position......I heard the 'click' of the switch and the light went out! On turning around I expected to see my wife fooling around, but I went through to the front room and said why did you turn the kitchen light out? She said she had not been near the kitchen.


We lived in the house for about eight years and it was only once we decided to move and had sold our house (a process here in the UK that took two months) that the child made us aware he was there. Not sure why he did not make himself known earlier?


We have since moved from that house. People may think I am stupid but I felt I was leaving something behind so as we left the house for the final time I loudly said to the boy that if he wanted to join us in our new home he was more than welcome to come with us. We left and very sadly in our new home neither I or my wife have experienced anything so far with the young child. Maybe he is here and will make himself known when/if he feels he needs to. I hope he is here and I hope one day he let's us know, it would be great!

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