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They’re here and are playing God...


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First off, if you are reading this copy and save it all before refreshing or leaving the page!


There are MANY forums owned by the same people and they all delete and ban as soon as I share this. And all it is is math and videos of cloud signs from our visitors...



Here’s my first contact Journal.


Part 1 (500+ MB)




Part 2





And here is my “make believe” YouTube channel where I have to present everything as a joke so it doesn’t get deleted




I recommend watching the playlist first. It shows part of the design of what’s going on here....



So what’s going on?


In 2017 I made contact with UFO probes that were flying around at night. I was writing down the times and looking for patterns and then found one and started signalling back with a light. They saw me and we’ve been playing math games ever since.


During the math games they started making signs in the clouds and playing the part of God...


Then the telepathy started lol


I used to read people’s stories about this kind of stuff and laugh because it seemed so ridiculous but it’s actually true!!!


They started teaching me morality and the secret design of English. THEY gave English to humanity with telepathy!!!


They showed me how My whole life and those around me, have been part of a cryptic math story!!! It’s like this language was designed to express mathematical patterns in the universe. Like a fingerprint of God and I was created to be the God (Supreme/Most Good) being...




This is serious stuff and I think that’s why the gov run forums delete it all


I’ve been trying to tell people for years, but it always gets deleted


The only way I can keep it up is if I present it as a joke or make believe...


Anyway, this will probably be deleted so I won’t write all the details 


If it stays up I’ll post more as it unfolds.


Oh and here’s an example of the cloud signs where they created a face and 3.14 (Pi) upon request.. 






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I just tried to get them to make another video with me…


I asked for the usual face or 314 and they created both in a poor quality formation 


Note* It May be best to watch these on a small mobile screen because that’s what they were created on…


Anyway, here’s a screenshot




And here’s the video




its not a joke you guys… there really are beings here playing games!!!


they usually create low quality signs but sometime they create superb stuff


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They just asked me to make another video with them...


this time they created the usual face and 314 in the clouds to confirm that they are going to continue to heat the planet and bring more disease and famine to make humanity suffer because of Canada’s sins...




They keep telling me how much they hate Canadians...


its kind of creepy around here....



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It’s not a joke you guys...


today they wrote my scrambled name (Chris B) in the clouds that was part of a rotated face...



They really do telepathically communicate with me and me and teach me things about life...


Like I was sitting on the deck having a smoke and got a “make another video” message and then the signs were waiting for me...


i’ll update As events unfold


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They are still playing with me...


i got some telepathic messages suggesting to ask them to create a face with a lightning bolt on the forehead (Harry Potter) in the clouds if I am the real chosen one and they did...




Not sure what to do other than keep playing with them...



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This is cool…


this morning I got a telepathic message telling me that I missed the 314 they created for me in the clouds and when I looked again I noticed the face is actually looking at a rotated 314 (3.14 = Pi)…

They seem to enjoy playing with me, but from the messages I get, they REALLY don’t like Canada and America…


Apparently they have been testing our morality and while I correct my mistakes, the Govs of North America just keep doing wrong and getting worse in this scenario


if they clouds come out today I’ll try asking for high quality signs


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The clouds came out and I started getting messages of what to create for a new video…


I asked them to create a high quality face or “314 Pi” if it’s true they can’t stand Canadians and Americans and will totally destroy them… Then they created a mean looking face and 341…



here’s the low quality “314 PI”



they almost always blend the signs together for some reason…


Are you guys seeing this stuff?


they can actually manipulate reality… They might be millions or billions of years more evoked and advanced than us!!

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They are still here watching and listening to me all day every day…


I just tried to make another video to see if they were and they created the usual face and 314 but kind of poor quality this time…




here’s the video… it appears around 3:40



and something that I thought was kind of amusing… My identity form a 6 pointed star and I just saw a topic elsewhere that an old Hopi prophecy says that one day star children would come just before Aliens…




could they have created me for this event?




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Jesus is not the Crhist, Jesus is associated with Saturn Venus. He is the son of the elder gods.


If you look in the bible Jesus is pro slavery and to beat the slave, he actually says and if your slave in not obidient beat him up

If your slave did not do wrong but things went wrong, the job you were doing but it's not the slave's fault you should still beat the slave to empty your nevrous frustration because things went wrong and what you were trying to do did not go according to plan.


But Jesus says to beat him less if it's not his fault pfffff, just to ease off your anger somehow you can use the slave as a punch bag.

He then go's around saying in the bible he approves of slavery many times.

Then Jesus says, slaves love your master.    It's sado masochistic love of course.



Here is the love of the bible in general hahaha.


Nice bible quotes:

Exodus 21:20-21

Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result, 21 but they are not to be punished if the slave recovers after a day or two, since the slave is their property.


So you can beat your slave near death, if he survives no problemo, not your fault.


Here is Jesus for you:

Slaves, obey your masters with fear and trembling, in singleness of heart, as you obey Christ; not only while being watched, and in order to please them, but as slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart".


Here is Jesus again from Luke chapter, Jesus was saying:

Luke 12:47-48


47 “The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows. 
48 But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.
Innocent or not beat him, and if it's his fault beat the crap out of him, it's what Jesus said.
What kind of Sadistic love is this, It's called sado masochism.
Then he go's around saying love love love, be blessed. I cannot understand how Jesus is the Christ and how he can save you if he says these things.
Maybe Jesus is not the Christ, maybe he is the son of Saturn.
Sadistic, Sadists, they go to their church, they kiss icons on the wall, the knele before the image of a man drawn on a wall, crawl before it like maggots, 
This I did not know about. God is okay with kinky sex with slaves.
1 Peter 2:18)
Perversity and human trafficking condoned: "Slaves, be subject to your masters with all reverence, not only to those who are good and equitable but also to those who are perverse." 
So if master is a perv, be okay with it, do some 69 with him and suck on his balls, god commands it, it's there in the bible, the word of god in the holy book of the snakes :)
Peter what did you teach them you PERV. :)
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The beings are still playing with me…


Almost every time I go outside they create a face and 314 if there are clouds out


this morning they created a hard to see face and “Pi 314”




here’s the video



I’m having a lot of fun with them. They are still using some kind of telepathy technology to teach me about the design of this place and life.


I think they might be genuine good beings!!!

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This is kind of cool…


last night right before bedtime I got a telepathic message to go outside and film the moon. As I did, a “3N” (314 Pi) appeared above a low quality face… It was like a giant black 3 and a small white N and the moon was like the faces nose…




here’s the video



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Things are creepy here…


this morning I was on the deck having a smoke and got a sudden telepathic message to film the tree shadows. I didn’t notice it while filming, but there was a massive face looking at me and “3045”.

3045 was the last signal I sent the UFOs on sept 25th…


Keep in mind I see everything on a tiny iPod screen so if you can see it try looking on a small screen or window




here’s the video



I’m telling ya… the things I’ve been going through are so brutal


i used to read UFO and alien stories for years and thought it was all the ramblings of wackos…


Some of that oddball stuff is actually true!!!!


there really is being’s here that can manipulate reality and they do it around me all the time every day!!!

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Forgot last sentence..
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There hasn’t been any UFO signals for a while, but they are still making cloud signs almost every day…


this morning I woke up and went out for a smoke and tea and saw a face and “i LovE u” you in the clouds…




here’s the video



It’s kind of amazing…


They still telepathically teach me things too!


For example, recently I told them I couldn’t be nice because they might be bad and it’s wrong to improve the quality of life of bad people. Then the other day they taught me that if we never gave new beings a chance and treated them as good, then nobody would ever have relationships or build great civilizations together and no goodness would ever exist…


so, I started being really nice to them again and they they created the I love u sign…


pretty amazing things going on here!!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Something really weird just happened...


i tried filming the clear skies skies and asking for a cloud sign to appear and a few moments later I got a telepathic message telling me to film my cigarette smoke... Then I replayed it in slow motion and a face and 3.14 blended together like the cloud signs...




heres the video



I’m telling you guys the truth... There are beings here manipulating reality around me and the telepath claims to be Yahweh and the UFOs are his friends...


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They are creating some really nice signs in the clouds lately...


this evening I asked them to created a face or “314 Pi” and they created both except backwards...




Here’s the video



They have been watching me and communicating with me 24/7 since we made first contact in July 2017...


its pretty cool stuff, but they have repeatedly said that they don’t like the majority of humans...

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It was an interesting last 12 hours


at 10:10pm last night I saw another UFO signal and then sent a response of “3142” at 2:41am




then this morning I asked them to create the usual face or 314 in the clouds and they almost created both with “Pi 314” made with a heart shaped P




heres the video



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They are still here with me…


About an hour ago I asked them to create a face or 314 in the clouds and a messy backwards “Pi 3.14” showed up in the clouds in front of the sun…


the 4 kind of broke up before the rest appeared, but it was still pretty good




heres the video



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They’re still here watching me…


This morning I went on the deck for a smoke and tea and as I filmed a face and poor quality “3.14 Pi” appeared blended together…




here’s the video



and I’ve also been getting telepathic messages explaining how good and evil are objective instead subjective


seems like all they want to do is teach me about life…

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These beings really are watching me every moment of every day…


this morning I wrote a letter to them/Yahweh asking for them to create a face with a lightning bolt on the forehead or a 314 Pi in the clouds and then both appeared a minute later…


zoom in to this screenshot to see…




here’s the video



I think what boggles my mind the most though is how humanity just ignores everything…


to me, this is the most incredible stuff I’ve ever seen or could even imagine!

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They are still here watching me…


This morning I was having a smoke and filming the clouds for signs and a face and 314 with a backwards 4 appeared 




here’s the video



The Canadian gov is still trying to get their attention by flying planes with slow pulsing lights directly over me almost every night like they have been for years…


it’s kind of sad to watch the Canucks deny me Justice right in front of them when the beings already expressed awareness of their sickening crimes… Perhaps Canada believe the rest of the universe is retarded and will think it’s all BS if canaduh plays dumb…

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