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Film: "The Pathological Optimist"

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Film Title: The Pathological Optimist

Director: Miranda Bailey

Released: 2017


For those in search of a documentary which highlights one particular hero in the whole vaccine debate, I recommend viewing The Pathological Optimist. That is, for anyone who sits in the court of public opinion and whose sense of justice allows for the other side to speak.


This thoroughly compelling film recounts the Andrew Wakefield case and all the trouble this poor guy was put through.


Here was a labcoat who was accused of falsifying data, scientific fraud, and who his critics said only spoke out against the combination MMR vaccine due to supposed vested interests he had.


Wakefield, in my opinion, was unjustly treated by his peers and by the media at large.


I like the fact that Wakefield stood his ground and refused to cave in to the suppressive -- and, in his case, oppressive -- medical establishment, even if that meant his having to move to another country to do so. Once in the United States he tried to get his life back in order.


Here was a physician who truly cared about the health of people, enough to risk his reputation and put his career on the line, in order for the truth to be told.


What a prick this Brian Deer was, who wrote for the Sunday Times. This smug little tightass went after Wakefield the way that all reprehensible mudslingers do their targets. It seemed to be that Deer thoroughly relished in demonizing Wakefield and had went on quite the crusade in an attempt at discrediting this then clinical and courageous scientist.


Watch close and you will catch a brief clip of Bill Gates, also making Wakefield out to be an unethical physician.


As an aside, in my research of the MMR controversy, I came across the story of a holistic doctor by the name of Dr. James Bradstreet, who also had expressed concerns with the vaccine, circa 2015. The doctor's clinic was soon raided by the FDA, and the man mysteriously died not long afterwards.

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