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The power and influence of BlackRock and Vanguard

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4 hours ago, shabbirss said:

2 Companies that Own almost ALL other Global Companies


yes and everytime anyone buys goods or services from their corporations they grow in power


they have monopolised the market so much that even if you set out with the intention of trying to support alternatives you actually find that it is hard to find them and that you have to undergo many more inconveniences in your life in order to pursue alternatives


If however people do not start throwing their support and money behind alternatives we will get to a point where there are no alternative left because they have all been squeezed out of the market


If on the other hand we could flip the script and all start supporting alternatives then life would become easier because there would be MORE alternatives and therefore more options and therefore it would be easier to opt out of the corporate beast system


Eventually we could squeeze them out of the market......but to get there requires a lot of people to exert a lot of focussed determination

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