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Deadly delusion of the 90 per cent

Ynot Hump

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Yep the more desperate they sound the more bullshit it is. The truth is so obvious in their lies, that no one cares about anyone so much especially the upper class cultist elites wanting to save us peasants when they wudnt piss on you on the street if you were on fire and would only look at you like dirt on their shoe if they passed you. I once heard one of these toffs on T.V.one day mention the words "human nature" when they were telling us mere mortals off from the ivory tower for trying to cheat the vaccine passport system. There and then any normal minded right thinking person should have alarm bells ringing whenever lying manipulating soulless and absolute selfish individuals who have never done a real days work in their life or associated with real people are lecturing the rest of us about human nature. Any one with half a brain and an ounce of wisdom can see through this nonsence but on and on and on it goes and where it ends nobody knows.

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