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Why Governor Cuomo Had to Resign


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In the last few weeks, we all saw Governor Como fight for his integrity and position of office.

Allegedly, as governor of New York, he was accused of sexual indiscretions and therefore had to resign or be impeached. That was the media narrative, but it was not because he could not keep his zipper up but due to his handling of the COVID crisis in New York.


Under his leadership and lockdown orders, the government of New York did not take the necessary precautions against COVID, imagined or not, to spread throughout the elderly community including retirement homes causing thousands to become severely ill and die from the virus and negligence. His actions were irresponsible and criminal, and now, New York and its elder health care facilities could be facing law suits—And this is the reason that the Democrats and Republicans joined to force him to step down. Cuomo’s actions in New York has hurt the Democratic Party and the government’s COVID initiatives by causing deep seeded anger among New Yorkers and citizens across the United States. Now that Cuomo is a regular citizen, he could be subject to law suits, as he should be.


As a side bar note: citizens outside of government, have been led down a path of great deception about what our government is. But Chris Hedges got it right: the democrats and republicans are one in the same, the corporate party. They are “The Power” in this country, not the corporations or bankers as we are being told. The U.S. government is the combination of state, federal and all its affiliations; it has more lawyers and judges on its payroll than any major corporation you can think of; not counting the military establishment, CIA, NSA, FBI and other newly created security departments, its workforce is over 800,000 strong; it has formed multilateral financial and political partnerships across the globe; it has the power to tax anyone what it wants and wage war anywhere it feels; it policy to any corporation is clear, “You want to play in my sandbox, you got to pay”…pay to support the party and policy; it uses the IRS to bring down anyone including other politicians when it feels threatened; it has the power to print money when it needs it and the power to influence gold and silver markets; it’s connected to every cartel you can think of and can sanction assassinations; and some of its office members and representatives in D.C. have become rich while “serving the public”. But I do not blame government for what is has become, I blame us for allowing it.

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