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My dad in law's stroke after the fake 'vaccine'


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He took the 2nd pfizer dose, immediately had pains in his left arm and chest. The next day the kids brought him to the clinic where they just gave him some painkillers. The pain continued for 3 weeks nonstop until he finally collapsed from a stroke. After a few days at the hospital and about $4000+ in hospital bills, he was discharged. His left arm is disabled but he can still walk slowly and talk coherently. The family is still burying their heads in the ground and refuse to admit it was the vax. My brother in law especially defends it, although his arm attracts magnets and metal, he proudly says he's like 'ironman' now. The family have their own business and was wealthy before this, but since the plandemic they have not been able to earn anything for almost 2 years, they have resorted to baking cakes and pizzas to pay bills. They still think that obeying the government will bring them back to normal. However the government has already said many times that THIS will be the new normal and is hinting that these emergency powers will be permanent. Just like David Icke said, the first step was to bankrupt as many people as possible so they literally cannot refuse. I'm just glad I retired 4 years ago and dont need anymore handouts. Also, my next door neighbour knows 2 people from his town that died right after the 1st and 2nd dose, both from strokes. When I went to youtube to post this, my comments were instantly shadowbanned and only I could see them, when I used another device with its own account the comment was not there. I dont normally pray, but God help us, so many people refuse to even acknowledge what's going on. 

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