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D.E.L.F. Demonic Entity Life Form


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If you go to Israeli News Live on yt,the link to iconnectfx video outlines the sentient black goo (graphene oxide) which is being injected into many humans on Earth.


Harald Kautz Veller(spelling?) was a scientist who worked at CERN until he realised the evil agenda,to enslave humanity to an AI hive mind:the DELF itself/themselves being an artificial life form which has taken over these apparently psychotic world leaders,probably covertly injected into them (remember the change in Boris Johnson after he emerged from 'hospital')



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remember the change in Boris Johnson after he emerged from 'hospital')

There have been a great number of political persons who have changed their view points in the last few decades.

Just look into R.Reagon before and after the shooting. 


Look at local politicians who use to stand up for the people and now....

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