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20th Anniversay


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So less than a month until the 20th anniversay of the shit Hollywood movie "9/11" being broadcast on live tv. Full of CGI and actors.


You couldn't make the timing up with whats allegedly going on in Afghanistan.


I wonder if they'll have the balls to show the plane impacts again on the telly.


Will it be a big thing in the news or will they ignore it completely like they have done in other years?



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I was thinking about 911 recently with the up and coming anniversary and something struck me that I'd never really thought about before.

I was reading an article that was from a guy who was describing walking down the stairwells after the planes hit. He spoke about seeing the firemen rushing up towards the impact areas with a look on their faces knowing full well that they were going to die, I've seen this statement a few times over the years. What made me think was were they really thinking that they were going to their deaths? What I mean is that nobody expected the towers to 'fall' on that day least of all the firemen, that's why they went up to do their job, not to die. And if you think about it the fire chiefs would never send that those firefighters up the stairs if they thought the towers were going to collapse, they even had their control center in one of the lobbies. 


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Here is a list of documentaries and clips I recommend on the topic. 


911 Explosive Truth


Skygate 9/11


The Pentacon - Smoking Gun Version


9-11 debunking NIST A New Standard for Deception - Kevin Ryan


911 Boeing Retired Aerospace Engineer Expert says Flying Beer Cans didn't do it


September Clues


9/11 The Great American Psy Opera


9 11 False Flag Conspiracy - Finally Solved


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YUP ,  one side laced the buildings with explosives between 1993 and 2001 to bring about martial law

the other side faked plane crashes to hide the demolition thus preventing martial law but gaining middle-east war

the 'truth movement' tried to control the likes of Holmgren,

Jimmy Walters tried. Holmgren tried but the 'flustering' fetzer, the judy '2nd law of motion' wood, the steven 'cold fusion' jones spearheaded the concerted effort to focus on building 7, which was  another fake video.  Loose change tried in version 1 but then sold out for a million $$$$ with Alex Jones and made version 2


gawd what a shit show


we, sat and watched the show and argued


September Clues was a major highlight


n.b i noticed that Sofia popped up again recently so dont forget she lifted Rick Siegels footage and doctored the audio to 'enhance' and give context to it 🤦‍♂️ . Careful with Sofia.




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Klaus Schwab knew in advance and that is why he was in New York on 9/11 ........... to witness the destruction and mayhem.


"On September 10 2001 my wife and I arrived in New York as I was to receive the Candlelight award from then-UN-Secretary-General Kofi Annan. That night we had a very inspiring conversation with Annan and many members and partners of the World Economic Forum.


That next morning, September 11, I was planning to attend a meeting with newspaper editors directly across from the twin towers. For sheer coincidence, the meeting was rescheduled and I was on my way to the Upper East Side instead.


What happened next I still find hard to grasp. On my way to the meeting, my taxi driver said “something” had happened in Lower Manhattan. The radio broadcaster cried out that a plane had hit (the second) twin tower. It wasn’t until a woman entered our meeting and told us what was happening, however, that we realized the full extent of the terrorist attacks. It was devastating"


Professor Schwab and religious leaders light candles at ground zero on the occasion of the 2002 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, held in New York


Why 9/11 reminds us we must respond to fear with openness | World Economic  Forum



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On 9/11/2021 at 12:51 PM, SimonTV said:



September Clues




This is a fantastic piece.


And scrolling through the Sky EPG tonight, it suddenly clicked with me that the date of the Twin Towers fraud is the same as the number for the emergency services in America... 9...1....1..... how the hell did I not realise that before?


Absolutely in plain sight.

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