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Natural Law

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The last question is interesting for me. I can imply that we have no limits to capture even very complex processes. Finding answers in a context that challenges human understanding. This is only possible with the direct confrontation of something that is responsible for everything. But you asked the wrong questions. The right question would have been whether I can bear the implications of answers at all. And one answer alone will weigh more heavily than the so-called knowledge of Humans. Knowledge, by the way, is perceived through the eyes and not through words. Whether you are ready for this is something you have to find out on your own.

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I believe we are the Spirit. As we are part of or springing from source/God. Therefore we are always responsible and everything is in our hands. If you do good, in more or less measure you should receive good, we can't know WHEN or WHERE. But it will definitely happen. That's the law. So if you do a lot of good but seem to receive no good in return, with my human logical thinking I must assume that there is a part of my soul that hasn't done good enough to receive the correspondent good, either in this life or in another one. No need to get upset because of that. Just accept and see from the outside, from above, as you and I know better than just feeling stuck in the dense. Do things without expectation. And everything should work itself out <3

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