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off the grid FREEDOM LAND!!!!!

Bill Conspiracyologist

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Millions now have realized the tyranny we are living in. The totalitarian state that is becoming more and more obvious by the day. We know that the 'virus' is just a method to manipulate society into submitting to an Orwellian dictatorship, that controls every aspect of our lives. We know all this, but we need a solution.


The solution?


How can that be achieved?

Buy as much land as possible. Grow natural GMO free, pesticide free food. Live in natural housing options like the picture below:



No planning permission needed, because we create a different jurisdiction under common law and common law only.


Big Pharma, GET LOST!

Government dictatorships GET LOST!

Rothschild banking systems GET LOST!



This can be a place of protection, against the global cult. Think about it.

How many people attend the freedom rallies? Millions! Imagine if a million people paid just 5 pounds? That would be 5 million pounds worth of land! Even if a million people paid just 1 pound each, that would be 1 million pounds worth of land! Together we can defeat the global cult very easily and very quickly!

Please donate to the project: https://www.gofundme.com/f/off-the-grid-freeedom-land?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1

Link to the Off the grid FREEDOM LAND Telegram group:


If you want to help in any way for the project email me at: [email redacted] 

Website coming soon!


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Sounds good, but we need a cohesive body of people that are willing to defend themselves against those that have been radicalized to hate private property. Without standing up to commies, I feel like all it is doing is buying time. Whether short-term or long-term, I wish everyone that is trying to find solutions the best though.

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I can only see places like this happening after tshtf and a lot of tech infrastructure has been destroyed during the battles. The survivors would be able to establish these kinds of Galt’s gulch- esque communities. I honestly think it’d be pointless to do anything now because they will be destroyed during the coming crises, something to live for though😀

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woooa look at this. It's beautiful.



And there is one even in Brighton. Go and learn the techniques. Take your children with you, it will be a nice hands on education. Fuck school.



There is even an online course for those that live far from Brighton.



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There was a thread on the books called Anastasia in the old forum.

Apparently they live without electricity or running water and Aryan (Nordic looking very human like aliens) approves of them.

The alien called all of the villagers, to assemble a UFO because a craft assembled by highly skilled engineers were loveless and therefore failed to work. 😮





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