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CDC Shielding Approach: COVID internment camps AKA "Green Zones"


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Does anyone know the current status of the CDC's Shielding Approach AKA Green Zone COVID camps in USA? Here is a link to the CDC site where they describe in horrifying (to me) length their detailed psychopathic strategy:

Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings | CDC

That part of the CDC site has not been updated since July 2020, but recently I've heard on YT that CDC is currently hiring people to staff the camps in the U.S.; and I've heard that some camps are already operational although no specific locations were mentioned. The sites are located in many countries.

I have sent inquiries to a couple places such as America's Front Line Doctors and Doctors For COVID ethics, but in the meantime perhaps others may know about this.

BTW, my eyesight sucks but I refuse to see a doctor because I do not trust the medical mafia and do not want anything to do with them or to have any of them near me for any reason ; so it takes me a ridiculous amount of time to type or post anything which is why I don't usually respond to comments, but I will read them when able and try to respond... I have the cheap Dollar Store eyeglasses which aren't much help.



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I forgot to add that when you read the CDC page from the link/URL given above you will see that some words have small numbers to the right of them , e.g. 1,2 or 1,6,7. When you click on one or more of  those numbers it will open another page with numerous numbered links for more information. Then click on the numbered link/s  matching the number/s you clicked on.

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