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A Need to Clearly Lable the Playerz


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Discussions from the average lay person and you are left with the impression that everyone involved in "government" is evil and controlling everything.


The informed group realizes that the "elected people who are governing" are here today and gone tomorrow.  (Or is that hare today and goon tomorrow) 

The people who are in "controlling positions" are there for the long term.  They are the consultants the bureaucrats the lobiests and the advisors.  Non of whom are elected let alone seen by the average people. 


So when you hear or use the term "the government " is doing this that or the other thing, try to be specific as to what level of control you are referring to.  Your local mayor or councilor who asks the Township to look into repairing the playstructure or the Federal parliament representative who is begging the roads commissionor to fix the hiway off ramp.

Notice that neither voted member has "power" they just have a public appearance. 

The real power lays in the hands of the folks who prowel in the back hallways and offices.


So the next time you hear someone bitching about something and saying that they will vote for a change,  just remember that the change is only for the level of people who will be begging for aid from those behind the scenes. 


My 2 cents 



The frustrated Canadian voter

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