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Will It Matter?


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Well the Socialist Government of Canada has decided that they will hold an election in September 2021.

Question is,  why bother voting? 

South of the border we seen the most in your face vote corruption . 

Europe is still in the grips of a few autocrats in Brussels and it doesn't seem there is any opposition to the imposed dictatorship.

China is controlled by 6% of the population where North Korea is something from the dark ages. All the "restructuring and democratization" that Afganistan has seen seems to be working well.


So the question is, why should the average person  try to get their voices heard by voting in an election? 


Here is a video from a splinter political group that is showing signs of representation of the silent majority. 


Please share your thoughts 





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No point in voting for the main parties and any small party who doesn't tow the mainstream politics line gets cheated out of anything.


We had a party called the BNP here, they were right wing and anti immigration,multiculturalism etc, once they started to break through and win seats town boundaries were changed and all sorts of political dirty tricks were played on them to cheat them of their wins.


In our allegedly democratic society the public are only to be allowed to vote in certain ways, whether we agree on their politics or not all parties must stand on equal footings. 


If nobody votes here, they will draw names from a hat and elect themselves, did you know that?

Even if we refuse to take part they STILL win.


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