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Mass Shooting in Plymouth UK


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8 hours ago, sambaking7 said:


This does not appear to be a false flag, rather a legit event which of course they will take advantage of.


When you read his reddit history, it's quite mundane compared to what it would have been in a false flag. He would have been painted as an anti-vax, conspiracy theorist to further demonise those who are against the unfolding tyranny.


I have not paid any attention to this media story, but I do believe he was painted as a "women-hater" particuarly single mothers, which taps into this toxic masculinty narrative, where all women are under threat from men.

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A man I know who is in their mid thirties, hetrosexual, single and always has been laughed their head off at INCEL when I said what it was. This person lives a very happy and fulfilling life, has their head screwed on and is happy in their skin. He couldn't believe there are groups like that and said "trust the media to be blowing this crap up"! 

He also said " so people think I'm like a guinea pig on heat and think women should just let me sh*g them and if they don't it's their fault?!". He ended with "what's wrong with looking for a soul mate?". I just said that everyone's gone mental.

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