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Counsellor claimed kidnap conspiracy was 'rescue mission' to save child from 'Satanist' dad


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Link to article.



A counsellor plotted to kidnap a child from North Wales because she believed she was on a “rescue mission” to save them from their “Satanist” father.

Janet Stevenson, 67, had teamed up with one of her clients - a woman called Anke Hill - to commit the shocking crime on November 4 last year.

Hill and her co-conspirator, Wilfred Wong from London, abducted the child at knifepoint from its "screaming and hysterical" foster mum outside her Anglesey home.




She said: “People during the Second World War, who were trying to smuggle children out of concentration camps in suitcases or bags, put themselves at risk that they would be shot by the Gestapo.

“It was an offence but it was morally right because they were saving children.

“I could not bear anybody’s child being sexually abused, manipulated, tortured and potentially murdered.





Her companion in the car Robert Frith, 65, of Tyn Parc, Holyhead, died in prison last November while on remand for the same charge.

I assume we all know what "died in prison" really means.


I posted a topic some time ago, someone named some of the people with questions to answer, instead of answering them the made the allegations "disappear." Link to article.


This is just a bit of how much North Wales if f___ed up.



A CHILD abuser is on the loose in North Wales.

He’s a freemason.

A retired police detective is the man who says so.

The former policeman is also an abuser who was caught and gaoled.

Both men were members of a child abuse ring organised by a man who had previously attacked and seriously injured two women and had nearly got away with murdering another.



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