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Afghanistan - Back to Square One

Nemuri Kyoshiro

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On 8/9/2021 at 9:12 PM, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

All those lives lost. All the blood spilled in the name of 'freedom.' All those body bags arriving home in the back of a Hercules. George Bush's war on terror has ended where it began, with the Taliban poised to regain control over Afghanistan. What was it all for? All that death and destruction. Bush needs to be arrested and dragged in front of a war crimes tribunal and Blair with him.



I spoke to my brother in Law about this. Full term squaddie. As he said it is an insult to everyone who went. Regardless of whether we should have or not

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2 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

I spoke to my brother in Law about this. Full term squaddie. As he said it is an insult to everyone who went. Regardless of whether we should have or not

when do squaddies realise they are nothing more than central banker pawns carrying out central bankers wars?

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On 8/22/2021 at 12:48 AM, Macnamara said:


Freemasonry and the Subversion of the Catholic Church

By John Vennari
Editor, Catholic Family News
Transcript of a Speech given at the Fatima Peace Conference in Rome, October, 2001

This talk will be a brief expose of the 19th Century Masonic document “The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita”, which mapped out a blueprint, a plan, which will help us to understand what is the “diabolic disorientation of the upper hierarchy” of which Sister Lucy spoke. The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, I believe, explains the root of that diabolic disorientation.

The Alta Vendita was the highest lodge of the Carbonari, an Italian secret society with links to Freemasonry and which, along with Freemasonry, was condemned by the Catholic Church.1 Father E. Cahill, SJ, in his book Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement states that the Alta Vendita was “commonly supposed to have been at the time the governing center of European Freemasonry”2 The Carbonari were most active in Italy and France.

In his book Athanasius and the Church of Our Time, Bishop Rudolph Graber quoted a Freemason who declared that “the goal (of Freemasonry) is no longer the destruction of the Church, but to make use of it by infiltrating it.”3

In other words, since Freemasonry cannot completely obliterate Christ’s Church, it plans not only to eradicate the influence of Catholicism in society, but to use the Church’s structure as an instrument of “renewal,” “progress” and “enlightenment” - as means of furthering many of its own principles and goals.

An Outline

The strategy advanced in the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita is astonishing in its audacity and cunning. From the start, the document tells of a process that will take decades to accomplish. Those who drew up the document knew that they would not see its fulfillment. They were inaugurating a work that would be carried on by succeeding generations of the initiated. The Permanent Instruction says, “In our ranks the soldier dies and the struggle goes on.”

The Instruction called for the dissemination of liberal ideas and axioms throughout society and within the institutions of the Catholic Church so that laity, seminarians, clerics and prelates would, over the years, gradually be imbued with progressive principles.

In time, this mind-set would be so pervasive that priests would be ordained, bishops would be consecrated, and cardinals would be nominated whose thinking was in step with the modern thought rooted in the “Principles of 1789” (pluralism, equality of religions, separation of Church and State, etc.)

Eventually, a Pope would be elected from these ranks who would lead the Church on the path of “enlightenment and renewal”. It must be stressed that it was not their aim to place a Freemason on the Chair of Peter. Their goal was to effect an environment that would eventually produce a Pope and a hierarchy won over to the ideas of liberal Catholicism, all the while believing themselves to be faithful Catholics.

These Catholic leaders, then, would no longer oppose the modern ideas of the revolution (as had been the consistent practice of the Popes from 1789 until 1958 who condemned these liberal principles) but would amalgamate them into the Church. The end result would be a Catholic clergy and laity marching under the banner of the enlightenment all the while thinking they are marching under the banner of the Apostolic keys.

Is it Possible?

For those who may believe this scheme to be too far- fetched, a goal too hopeless for the enemy to attain, it should be noted that both Pope Pius IX and Pope Leo XIII asked that the Permanent Instruction be published, no doubt, in order to prevent such a tragedy from taking place. These great Pontiffs knew that such a calamity was not impossible.



Pope Francis Vows To Usher In ‘One World Religion’


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