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What's going on in Australia: Covid19 lockdowns, protests, police brutality and more...


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16 hours ago, Bullion said:


To make this count you have to be able to get to the Commies who are at the head of this thing. You can’t get within cooee of Dan and Brett, they’re surrounded by their private security. It’d be nice if any regular uncorrupted police would do their job and take care of it.


There's no amount of money I would ever accept to protect these bastard gutter rats as my daily job.

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11 hours ago, zaxatron said:

FREE AUSTRALIA: The world needs to witness what police did in Melbourne yesterday




Make them run and fight with their masks on. They will pass out or weaken eventually. All the studies show, don't wear a mask during physical exertion. Make them suffer via their own symbol of tyranny.

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1 minute ago, Athenry04 said:


Cowardly fucks. US cops carry guns, so do the people, UK  cops don't carry guns as standard, neither do the people. Aus cops carry guns, the people don't. Tyranny waiting to happen that.


With enough numbers, and unified purpose, even guns are no match.



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3ZZUL   When a person takes control of an online account

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  • zaxatron changed the title to Vic cops throw 70 year old woman violently to the ground and pepper spray her at Melbourne anti lockdown protest on 18.09.2021

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