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The Good News


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We all seem to post doom & gloom, so how about we post some of the good news for a change.


Here's one I saw yesterday 😅


Swan on the loose? Call in the Hot Fuzz! Police 'detain' large bird and escort it to lake after it blocks traffic on busy road

Police picked up a swan in a patrol car after reports of the animal blocking traffic

Officers transported the animal to the nearest lake to keep it out of harm's way

The incident was likened to a similar one in the 2007 film Hot Fuzz.







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Actually the big one on the fence came back today,we haven't seen him for well over 12 months  ,he went along the fence and up on the roof , the neighbors don't like snakes and I was a bit worried they might have got rid of him, but it's good to see him back and fighting fit

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23 hours ago, Useyournous said:

My goods news is I've not got pythons in the garden! 🤣

I have got a hedgehog feeding station (upturned plastic storage box with doorway cut out) with birdbox camera and I feed all the other creatures that appear in my garden too. Great therapy.

The snakes and water dragons I leave to themselves but we have a resident satin bower bird that has been here as long as we have, he has his own bird bath near the kitchen window and I leave him a blue milk bottle top a couple of times a week so he dose extremely well with the ladies,he has two bowers on the property and when I'm near the window and he's jumping around in his bath he will jump up on the edge when he is finished and look straight at me and I swear blind he gives me a bit of a wink and a nod then off he goes. We have both been residents here for 23 years. You are right great therapy

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