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General Political Thoughts Thread

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>They infiltrate your countries.
>Ascend to higher society.
>Ingratiate themselves with elite power circles.
>Take over your institutions.
>Manage your industries.
>Decide on foreign and domestic policies.
>Program all forms of your media.
>Manipulate the law to their whims and desires.
>Send your fittest to fight and die for their causes.
>Make your youth toil away their best years to pay their usury.
>Destroy the cultural heritage of your nation.
>Irreversibly change the genetic makeup of your people.
>Convince your men to become women and your women to become men.
>Destroy the definition of male and female entirely.


And we do what?

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On 9/30/2021 at 7:47 AM, screamingeagle said:

call me crazy but "green" and "socialist" doesn't go hand in hand 



Not crazy at all. The ''green'' movement was originally a conservative movement and it was about preserving plants and animals, it wasn't about energy politics and socialism. Original greens were religious people, moved by a sense of stewardship.

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