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General Political Thoughts Thread

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2 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

i'd have thought with what we have posted over the years we would have had knocks on the door by now.

but no.

so is there a faction that wants us to post what we post

It’s probably easier to keep us all in one place. So we can be watched easier

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9 hours ago, Doc said:

Asha Logos new video. Pay attention people. It's all well and good making a few posts online about how bad things are, Q drops and how Trump will save us but what are YOU going to do about it in the real world. Make some more posts until they're knocking at your door? The time to get real is here. We can't stop this now. It's time to move forward.





Asha's a smart lad, but he needs to stop being a turbo contrarian. I see enough people feeding him red pills, then he just sticks his head back in the sand.



Strength in numbers is just as important as returning to the land. Without large numbers commies will come for that land and other private property, and they'll be nothing that we can do to defend ourselves.






At least he is disturbed by the connections, it''s start I guess.


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Japan shut them down.


Japan is shutting down China’s Confucius institutes for preaching pro-CCP propaganda


"Subversion can be only successful when the initiator, the actor or the the agent of subversion, has a responsive target"

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