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General Political Thoughts Thread

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A conspiracy of silence about the impact of mass migration has cost Britain dear
'Failure to plan for the extra millions of people coming to Britain is behind many of our current woes'

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FBI informant fvcked Trump's daughter before fvcking with Trump?


"Mary Trump, a psychologist and Donald Trump's niece, speculated that Jared Kushner was the confidential source that tipped off the FBI to what confidential documents were being held at Mar-a-Lago and where they were located."

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Race-Based Layoff Scheme at Minneapolis Schools


'The Minneapolis Public Schools have adopted a race-based layoff provision that violates the Constitution and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. "A Minneapolis teachers union contract stipulates that white teachers will be laid off or reassigned before "educators of color" in the event Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) needs to reduce staff," reports Alpha News'

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