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General Political Thoughts Thread

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Today in politically incorrect news: an armed feral confronts a clerk at the Dollar Store and the clerk shoots him dead. Siblings complain clerk shouldn't have had a gun at work and should have rung the police instead.


“Yeeea he got sum dA repsonsability for robbin da store but not all. He ain’t subposed to shoot my brotha in da chess. Call da police! Yaint sposed ta take matters inna yer own hanz!”

Funny how this dindu now sees the police as the arbiters of peaceful solutions because a clerk thought about his own life first and also didn’t bother to give the family cause for stirring up mass riots by calling the donut squad.


They'll now get funding from the jewish ACLU and the cops will charge the clerk and the siblings will get some money from the State because..... ... (do they even need a reason now? The State is handing out other peoples tax money to no-gooders all over the Western world every day)



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2 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Stores need to put up new signs...





If only they didn't slope off and change laws surreptitiously. At one time you had to forewarn potential criminals if you have a dog on your property that would possibly dine on them. People complied, and next thing you know, the very fact that they put up that sign meant that they were now admitting up front to being an aggressor so if someone did break in & get chewed, your having displayed that sign meant that you had confessed your guilt and legal responsibility for having caused the poor little would be thief / rapist / murderer some wound. Nonsense, innit!


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Imagine the real number considering those likely to think about taking up arms to overthrow the US govt wouldn't admit to it on a survey 😆

The powers that be know damn well what the true numbers are hence they've now pivoted from kvetching about "White Supremist are the number 1 domestic threat" to full gun grab.


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On 6/26/2022 at 4:40 AM, JCP said:


Those who vote have no right to complain because they are perpetuating the system. The problem is the concept of government itself.



The meme is incorrect about the word's origin.  The word government is from the Greek verb κυβερνάω [kubernáo] which means to steer.  It still has the same meaning though, which is to control!

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Netherlands passes ‘Population relocation’ law where government has power to force citizens to house refugees.


Lots of details in this link





details/explanations and translations in comments



They've done a similar thing is Ireland.

Also, there's a clip of those farmer protesters where one is saying its not about the "nitrogen" or "climate change" - they want the land to build homes for refugees



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'This Is Not Okay!': Black Woman Blasts BLM Protesters For Defending Her Alleged Attacker


He was a good boy, he dindu nuffin! /s


Seriously though, I guess these gaslighters couldn't find a pic of him wearing a graduation hat. That's all that is missing.

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What right does this pair of clowns have to wade in on US politics ?


Prince Harry wades into US politics AGAIN as he slams 'the rolling back of constitutional rights' and the 'few weaponizing lies and disinformation at the expense of the many' as he makes keynote speech at UN for Nelson Mandela day 


The Duke of Sussex, arrived with his wife Meghan, and weighed in on American politics as he slammed the 'rolling back of constitutional rights' during his speech.


I noticed who's in charge here.




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