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I have to wonder how many people are politically illiterate these days. I get that I have probably spent too long listening to autistic rants about different political ideologies, but damn. This person commented on that recent Channel 4 doc about PA, conflating patriotism with ethnonationalism.




What's funny is that she ended up agreeing with my nationalist views without even being aware of it. Meanwhile, in another comment to someone else she was saying "#workersoftheworldunite". lol




And yeah, I know I shouldn't be using Fb. Getting rid of it soon anyway, and have taken a lot of steps to hide my identity. My fam just pestered me to get on there last year after I lost my mum because I kept turning my phone off and didn't want to be bothered.


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2 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

A young lad should be imprisoned for speaking up against our replacement? Such a sad future that Britain's youngsters face. Good luck being a second class citizen in future folks.

Check out the tweet from Mr. Khan. Irony is lost on him.

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So now the upper classes are switching off too. I wonder if we will see action now. Doubt it.


White private school boys are the new disadvantaged, says Cambridge academic



The lost boys: the white working class is being left behind

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On 5/17/2022 at 1:32 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:





Forcing homeschooling parents to sign up to a mandatory register risks treating them like sex offenders, leading academics warn

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On 5/21/2022 at 5:16 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:




Forcing homeschooling parents to sign up to a mandatory register risks treating them like sex offenders, leading academics warn


Imagine being a White parent and not wanting your children indoctrinated to hate themselves, having their grades lowered to make 'minorities' feel better, being beaten by blacks and running what can only be called a gauntlet of sexual deviancy ?!

The fvcking nerve of those "conservatives"


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12 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

its almost as if there's a cabal of people running the Western world that hates White people! especially White babies...




but I'm left scratching my head...






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  • Ron Klain, White House Chief of Staff
  • Tony Blinken, Secretary of State
  • Janet Yellin, Secretary of Treasury
  • Merrick Brian Garland, Attorney General: DOJ/FBI/JTTF
  • Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence: DNI
  • Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security: DHS
  • Roberta Jacobson, National Security Council “border czar”
  • Rochelle Walensky, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: CDC
  • Jeffrey Zients, White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator
  • David Kessler, White House Chief Science Officer of the White House COVID 19 Response Team
  • Gary Gensler, Chairman Securities and Exchange Commission:SEC
  • Jessica Rosenworcel, Chair of the Federal Communications Commission:FCC
  • Gigi Sohn, FCC Commissioner
  • Wendy Sherman, Deputy Secretary of State
  • David Cohen, CIA Deputy Director
  • Chanan Weissman, Director for Technology and Democracy at National Security Counsel
  • Anne Neuberger, Deputy National Security Adviser for Cybersecurity
  • Mira Resnick, State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary for Regional Security
  • Jonathan Kanter, Assistant Attorney General in the U.S. DOJ Antitrust Division
  • Jared Bernstein, Council of Economic Advisers
  • Rachel Levine, Deputy Health Secretary
  • Stephanie Pollack, Deputy Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration
  • Laura Schiller, Dept of Transportation Chief of Staff
  • Polly Trottenberg, Deputy Secretary of Transportation
  • Jed Kolko, Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs at the Department of Commerce [nominee]
  • Genine Macks Fidler, National Council on the Humanities
  • Mark Gitenstein, U.S. Ambassador to the European Union
  • Rahm Emanuel, U.S. Ambassador to Japan
  • Thomas Nides, U.S. Ambassador to Israel
  • Amy Gutmann, U.S. Ambassador Germany
  • Eric Garcetti, U.S. Ambassador to India
  • David Cohen, U.S. Ambassador to Canada
  • Jonathan Kaplan, U.S. Ambassador to Singapore
  • Dan Shapiro, Adviser on Iran
  • Michael Adler, U.S. Ambassador to Belgium
  • Marc Stanley, U.S. Ambassador to Argentina
  • Alan Leventhal, U.S. Ambassador to Denmark [nominee]
  • Michèle Taylor, United Nations Human Rights Council [nominee]
  • Sharon Kleinbaum, Commissioner of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom
  • Deborah E. Lipstadt, Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism (SEAS)
  • Michael Chertoff, the new Minister of Truth
  • Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (part of the National Institutes of Health). Great-granddaughter of Trotsky.
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I didn't know until recently that Monika was a jewess... ala [Book of] Esther and King Ahasuerus of Achaemenid Empire




Did you ever wonder why the Jews are such great proponents of democracy? Whether in Indonesia or Pakistan or Serbia or you name it, whenever there is some threat to universal suffrage, the Jews are ready to send the U.S. armed forces in and bomb and kill until everyone is permitted to vote.

Why is that? 


 the appeal of mass democracy lies in the fact that in essentially every country in the world today, the number of persons unable to think for themselves is substantially larger than the number able to make independent decisions. Those unable to think for themselves have their thinking done for them by the people who control the mass media. Which is to say, democracy is the preferred system because it gives the political power to those who own or control the mass media and at the same time allows them to remain behind the scenes and evade responsibility for the way in which they use that power. And the more inclusive the democracy is — that is, the more Alzheimer’s sufferers and Mongoloid cretins and paranoid schizophrenics and people who live in empty packing cases in alleyways and Jamaican immigrants and football fans are able to vote — the more certain is the grip of the media masters on the political process.


Those voters who buy astrology magazines at the checkout stand and spend their time watching soap operas, game shows, and Oprah absorb their general attitudes on things through the television screen. They learn which ideas are fashionable and which are not by noticing the facial expression and tone of voice of Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather when the news is announced each day. Their opinions on specific issues are formed as they view televised sidewalk surveys taken by reporters. The only uncertainty about these people is whether or not they’ll be able to pry themselves loose from their couches long enough to vote for the designated candidates. That’s why it’s important to have lots of them. (LOL!)

And wherever there are lots of them, the men who control the mass media also will control the outcome of elections. It’s a much surer way of controlling governments than bribing corrupt dictators or slipping seductive whores into the king’s bedroom, a la Esther and Ahasuerus — or Monica and Bill.


Believe me, one day soon the Jews on both sides of the great water will institute a web-TV voting system that allows the couch potatoes and the ball game fans to vote without having to get up from their couches, just by clicking their remote controls at their TV screens to select the next President or prime minister. That’ll be real democracy.



The New Protocols - Dr William Pierce 

American Dissident Voices broadcast, October 30th 1999


Worth watching, involves Russia. 17min



And I might add The United States of America is NOT a democracy - no matter how many times Tucker and cuckservatives preach about it (must be the new talking point.) 

The United States of America is a Constitutional [Federal] Representative Republic in which INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS TRUMP MOB RULE: it was specifically designed that way by the Founding Fathers so that The People wouldn't have to live under the tyranny of "the 51% majority." 


Back in their day only White property owning men could vote and then those [state] Electors would be sent to DC to cast their electoral college votes.

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