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General Political Thoughts Thread

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On 3/26/2022 at 8:28 AM, EnigmaticWorld said:

"the Biden crime family"

"deep state"


"sleepy Joe"



Are these the most boomercon words? As soon as I hear someone use this lexicon I just know they're going to say some cultish MIGA gibberish.

I use Brandon because of how it came about - Crowd chanting CLEARLY "fuvk Joe Biden" - reporter: "they're saying Let's go Brandon" - then Brandon said it to himself at Christmas! ha - hilarious.


And to be fair, "Deep State" has been around before MAGA etc.


But yes, it's all rather boomerish/Israel is my greatest ally-ish

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I reckon when you get people like Trump, come on the scene in politics, with so called extreme views that there only doing it because they’re allowed to. Whether he’s a useful idiot or in complete control doesn’t matter. When politicians go off script too much they’re offed.

in the xfiles there is an episode called “musings of a cigarette smoking man.” In it cancer man reminisces on past assassinations he has carried out. Whilst watching a Martin Luther King speech he mutters you shouldn’t of said that.

Think knowingly or not the writers got it spot on.

Neil Peart of Rush wrote in Subdivisions “ conform or be cast out” applicable at any level of life

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France’s former intelligence chief warns against possible civil war due to mass immigration

“All my accumulated experiences make me foresee a dark, and even very dark, future for our children and grandchildren,” said the former director of France’s top intelligence agency in a widely discussed interview'


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8 hours ago, skitzorat said:

I use Brandon because of how it came about - Crowd chanting CLEARLY "fuvk Joe Biden" - reporter: "they're saying Let's go Brandon" - then Brandon said it to himself at Christmas! ha - hilarious.


And to be fair, "Deep State" has been around before MAGA etc.


But yes, it's all rather boomerish/Israel is my greatest ally-ish


Don't worry, I know you're open minded. Don't you often see a pattern with people that use these buzzwords though, not necessarily the normal folks that use them, I mean the alt-media talking heads that spew subversive shite. The kind that give you 90% truth, and 10% misdirection. I feel like I don't even need to Early Life anymore, I just hear the usual buzzwords and switch off.


As for Joey, I can't stand the guy, but I feel like he is just a humiliation and demoralization ritual. Someone that people can laugh at and say "look how silly and incompetent he is", while the big players plunder you in the background.


What's funny is that someone said I use a new buzzword every month, even though I talked about a Eurasianist being put in the White House long before Ukraine on here. Hell, I was talking about Dugin on the forum before it got hacked, so I'm not sure what they're on about.

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Latest Gab from Chris Langan.






Question: "Remember when Germany started WWI all by themselves? Remember when the Hessians were the worst of the Redcoats? Remember when the German barbarians sacked and burned Rome, causing a 1,000-year "Dark Age"? Remember when they let Germany reunify in 1989? Yeah, that was really dumb."


Answer: We all remember the propaganda to that effect. But what was really dumb was fighting WWII against Germany, which actually didn't want to fight it and pretty much begged to get out of it. What Germany actually wanted was to nullify the Treaty of Versailles, reverse its injustices, and escape the insatiable Ziobanksters administrating it.


Instead, FDR allowed minions of the same banksters who had destroyed Germany to convince him to spill millions of gallons of American blood putting the United States itself even more firmly in their grip. The NWO and "Great Reset" were the inevitable result. WWII led to the absolute mess we now face: bankster oligarchs and their corporate vassals and political whores killing us with open borders illegally violating the majority will of American and European citizens, mass Third World immigration, untested and often deadly gene therapy marketed as "vaccines", and so on, and now threatening to take everything we own and telling us to "be happy" about it or else,


Don't get me wrong. I feel for the allied veterans and their families. Despite having been horribly misled and badly used, they were heroic, risking it all for what they were told was a good cause. I also feel for those who were abused or who starved in German camps - it was a terrible situation. But that doesn't mean I don't feel for the Germans who perished in allied camps set up for purposes of murder and revenge, and whose descendants are even now being dispossessed, displaced, and slowly exterminated like cockroaches.


Most of all, I feel badly for the human race, which is poised to be swallowed whole by the same writhing mass of inhuman parasites that swallowed Germany after WWI.


Until recently, the jury was still out on WWII. It still seemed possible that the oligarchs, after centuries of sybaritic parasitism, would do an about-face and do the right thing for mankind and Planet Earth. But now that they've laid their cards face-up on the table, it's clear that we have nothing to which we can look forward but a Tech Singularity and total enslavement.


If you disagree, go talk about it somewhere else. If I'm starved for company, I'll look for someone honest and intelligent.



When the memes become reality!



and just the other day...



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Author: Winston Churchill

Source: Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920. Page 5











General Patton’s Warning on Communism and Jews

By Dr. William Pierce (1977)




PS. Sorry, might not be in the correct thread - just found all these interesting photos - many I haven't seen before - in the gab comments.




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