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just back from the doctors


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Okay so I ad a random text message inviting me in for a appointment today, half anticipating this was going to be a covid vaccine talk I prepared my statements as too why I would be refusing and half hoping to educate and awaken the doctor.


Too my disappointment no request for me to risk my own health was even put forward, In fact after our routine chat and me pressing my opinion of the mass use of pregnant women and against the ethics and practices of the medical community since their use of thalidomide. Her only response or acknowledgment of any debate about covid hoax was "perhaps they think they are doing the right thing." and a clear desire too not chat any more about the subject.


perhaps they think they are doing the right thing, what do you suppose she meant? the right thing for whom?

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I think she is a complete coward like most of her ilk in the so called medical 'profession'. At best sitting in the fence, taking her big fat salary and bonuses from big pharma and selling her patients down the river.


Most medical professionals have shown their true colours in this covid scam and it should never be forgotten or forgiven by the people. Never.

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How rigorously you are challenged about vaccines by people in the medical profession appears to vary depending on where you live.


I am strongly inclined to believe, at least in many areas of the country, that doctors and nurses have been encouraged not to debate with anti-vaxxers. The reason for this, I believe, is fairly straightforward. In a one to one, the average person would not win a debate against an anti-vaxxer, they can't, because all they have in their arsenal of 'arguments' are tired logical fallacies and groupthink they heard 'authority' figures say. If a medical professional chooses not to debate the matter one to one, it's probably because they know they'd lose, or their bosses do, and have told them not to debate it.


As far as her "perhaps they think they're doing the right thing" comment is concerned, I'm sure this is a form of logical fallacy too, and if it isn't, it should be considered as such.


Thinking you are doing the right thing is not enough when the lives, health and wellbeing of millions of people is partly in your hands. You need facts, logic, reason, rationality and compassion. This person is appearing to advocate pragmatism because they are afraid to debate you. They're all afraid of one to one debate. It's why so many of the general population engage in mobbing when they encounter small groups or individuals which present a threat to their inaccurate world view.

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unfortunately she is a trio of recent organisations not willing to even listen to my complaints, the council and my local mp seem to think im going away quietly. I doubt im the only one complaining, I just hope im the only one being ignored.

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